It's 'Breaking Bad' for Two Arkansas Chemistry Professors Arrested for Manufacturing Meth


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Following an investigation by Henderson State University police, two chemistry professors, Dr. Terry Bateman, 45, and Dr. Bradley Rowland, 40, were arrested Friday for manufacturing methamphetamine and using drug paraphernalia.


Henderson State University spokeswoman Tina Hall said the Reynolds Science Center where the lab was located was closed on October 8 because an undetermined chemical odor had been reported. Specifically, high levels of benzyl chloride had been detected in the labs. In addition to many commercial uses for benzyl chloride, it can be used to “synthesize amphetamines. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration monitors sales of the chemical.”

Hall’s statement said:

Remediation work by the university’s on-call environmental service company included scrubber systems to filter air and the temporary removal of some windows from Reynolds to aid ventilation. The building reopened October 29 after third party testing indicated the building meets all Environmental Protection Agency recommendations for occupancy.

Both professors are on administrative leave, which was effective October 11.

Once the Clark County District Court Judge makes a formal charge decision, Bateman and Rowland will appear in court. It’s not clear if they are in custody or not at this time.

I wonder where they got the idea?


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