New Ad for Athletic Wear Co. Shows Women Hog-Tying, Abusing President Trump on Times Square Billboard; Liberals?


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Dhvani, which bills itself as “Your New Favorite Activ(ist) Wear Brand,” has come out with a new ad campaign and it’s designed to shock. A giant billboard in Times Square alternates photos of well-toned women shown physically abusing the President.


The ads are in response to the Trump administration’s enforcement of the Title X gag rule, which bars clinics that provide or refer patients for abortions from getting federal family planning funds. The company plans to donate 5% of its gross sales through December 31st to Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon and Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette.

Angela Williams, chief marketing officer at Dhvani, spoke to AdAge about their controversial new ad. She indicated that the company faced some initial resistance from billboard owners. I can’t imagine why. Fortunately, “we were able to work with our vendor and reach a consensus on the level of facial obfuscation that would appease the landlord and get this bold, pull-no-punches, call-to-arms creative up and in front of potentially millions of like-minded Americans.”

The “series of images [shown below] depict Trump tied up, on the toilet or shushed by women fed up with the actions and the rhetoric of this White House.”

In an image titled “Lady Liberty,” running on a Times Square billboard, middle school teacher and Marine Corps veteran Michal Mesa binds a convincing Trump impersonator, her bare foot planted firmly on his face, in a vignette inspired by the superhero Wonder Woman and her Lasso of Truth.

Another model for the campaign is Chloe Mason, chief communications officer at Dhvani, who appears in warrior and tree yoga poses, silencing a bound Trump with one finger. In another photo, the president is seated on a gold toilet, pants around his ankles, as his smartphone is grabbed out of his hands.


Are these humiliating photographs of the President okay to Democrats who go wobbly over a violent meme? If President Obama had ever been featured in a similar way, there would be cries of racism and protests in the streets. Yet, we’ll likely hear nothing from liberals over this latest display of disrespect.

Last week, political strategist Karl Rove wrote a column about the Democrats’ constant refrain that Trump is not above the law. Rove argued that liberals treat him as if he is below the law. They regard him as though he were a lowly, worthless slug. President Trump is a human being worthy of respect. He is also a U.S. citizen entitled to due process under the law. He receives neither.

Democrats only uphold principles when it’s in their best interest to do so.

I never liked Barack Obama. The night he won the presidency, I could barely speak. But, he had won a fair election and along with every other conservative, I accepted it and hoped he didn’t do too much damage to the country until he could be voted out of office. Not so for the Democrats. It’s been nearly three years since his victory and they still refuse to accept it.

In the tweet below, journalist Charlie Kirk wonders whether any Democrats will speak out against this despicable ad as they would if the situation were reversed. I doubt it.




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