Elizabeth Warren Had a Hot Mic Moment During a Post-Debate Interview With CNN's Jake Tapper

Photo credit: Screen grab 10/16/19 https://twitter.com/C_RMartinez/status/1184332059499728896


Returning from a commercial break during a post-debate interview on CNN, Elizabeth Warren and Jake Tapper looked amused. When the mic went live, Warren had a playful smile on her face and was heard telling Tapper “I can’t say that.”


Come on Elizabeth. Tell us what you can’t say.

It was nothing that would damage her politically, rather it humanized her.

Stuck in my head is a scene from a video her campaign released shortly after Warren had declared her candidacy. In what was truly an embarrassing moment, Warren was being live-streamed in her kitchen when she decided she’d have a beer. She says, “Hold on a second, I’m gonna get me a beer.” She gets herself a beer and tells her viewers, “I’mma pull up a stool” as she takes a swig.

Reminiscent of a 2008 video showing Hillary Clinton tossing back a shot of whiskey in an Indiana bar, Warren was trying to show that she was “just like everybody else.” The only word that comes to mind is cringeworthy.

So, seeing her in an unguarded moment sharing a light-hearted joke with Tapper softened her. Overall, Warren had a very good night and this moment only helped her.


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