New Revelation Blows Up Entire Premise of Impeachment Inquiry: Ukraine Reopened Investigation Into Biden In March 2019


Investigative reporter John Solomon appeared on “Hannity” Tuesday night to present new documents which show Ukraine had reopened an investigation into Hunter Biden’s payments from Burisma four months before the July 25th conversation between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.


This information was conveniently omitted from the whistleblower’s complaint because it pretty much destroys both his case as well as the basis for this farsical impeachment inquiry.

In fact, I think the White House now has enough evidence to turn the guns on House Democrats for initiating this charade in the first place. Here is what Solomon, who has just joined Fox News as a contributor, told Hannity:

I can confirm to you tonight that the Ukrainian government was planning to reopen the Burisma investigation. This was long before the President ever imagined having a call with President Zelensky. In fact, it was before President Zelensky was even elected. This is a significant shift in the factual timeline. This is information that was omitted from the whistleblower’s complaint. Let me tell you what we learned today.

The U.S. government had open source intelligence and was aware that NABU [National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine], an FBI-like agency in Ukraine that fights corruption – in fact, it was started by Joe Biden – that it had reopened an investigation into Burisma, its owner Zlochevsky and unusual transactions in the Burisma accounts in February 2019. On March 28, 2019, the Prosecutor General’s office agreed to that request to open an investigation and they filed a 15-page notice of suspicion alleging that there may be illicit funds that were running through Burisma from 2010 all the way through 2015, that’s important, because Hunter Biden’s on the board for two of those years, 2014-2015. And specifically, that notice of suspicion said they were looking at the possibility that the $3.4 million paid to Hunter Biden’s firm may have been part of the illicit funds that were moving through the company. A month later, in April, the Prosecutor’s Office, open source intelligence again, the U.S. government officials confirming they were aware of this request of another investigative agency in Ukraine for assistance in going through these bank records. That is a significant change in the timeline. It was omitted from the whistleblower’s complaint and the question is, did he not know it or did he exclude it because it didn’t fit the narrative he was trying to write. That’s a question for Congress to answer.

There’s another oddity that comes out of the records. If you can put that back up on the screen. These are bank records from Hunter Biden’s firm. Hunter Biden and Joe Biden keeps saying he was getting $50,000 a month. There’s only one thing wrong with that. The FBI raided Devon Archer’s office and his bank records, in an unrelated case in 2016, they show transfers of $166,000 a month and as high as $220,000 in one month going into Hunter Biden’s and Devon Archer’s firm. That’s a lot more than $50,000 and it was one of those things that piqued the Ukrainian prosecutor’s interest into reopening the case in March of 2019. The size of the money was much larger than Hunter Biden and Joe Biden has been saying.


This blows up the Democrats most recent attempt to take down the President. It is just the latest in a series of facts that belie the bogus narrative they’ve spent the last three weeks promoting. At this point, it has to be dawning on, at the very least independent voters, and maybe even some moderate Democrats that House leadership is engaged in a corrupt, vicious, high stakes effort to frame the President.

What more is there to say?

Watch the video. (Relevant segment begins at 15:30.)




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