Music to Trumps Ears! Nancy Pelosi is Greeted in SC by Group of Trump Supporters: Watch


Photo Credit: Screen shot from “Team Trump” twitter video of Trump supporters loudly booing Nancy Pelosi’s arrival at SC fundraiser.



Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi traveled to Greenville, SC on Friday for a Democratic fundraiser.

The local newspaper, Greenville News, reported, “Local Republicans have promoted efforts to protest Pelosi and Democrats’ impeachment efforts outside the event.”

The reality was actually quite impressive. Trump supporters lined the streets leading to the venue. They were carrying signs and banners and they all shouted “boo” as San Fran Nan drove by.

This rude welcome was merely a glimpse of the pushback she and the Democrats will face as they carry on with this national farce.

Did she really believe this would be easy?

Watch the video.


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