Report: DNC Is Feverishly, Confidently Stockpiling Op Research Against Trump; But These Two Words Might Just Blow Up Their World

Axios reports that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has been hard at work building up their war chest with ammunition to spring against President Trump once the 2020 race heats up. For starters, their research team has “mined thousands of lawsuits from nearly 50 states” which they plan to “weaponize through politicians and reporters in key battlegrounds. ”


One document consists of a “detailed” list of each occasion Trump said that Mexico would pay for the wall. A source familiar with this research told Axios that this list “will likely find its way to local reporters, groups and Democrats in battleground states as Trump diverts funds from the military to pay for his border wall.”

The DNC has accumulated statements from farmers and truckers making derogatory comments about how Trump’s tariffs have affected their businesses.

According to Axios, the DNC has “combed through local news articles and monitored local cable interviews with residents in states like Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Arizona, Colorado, Florida and Texas to find these folks who are being hurt by Trump’s policies…And they’ve already filed “thousands” of Freedom of Information Act requests to get even more info on the president.”

DNC chairman Tom Perez spoke to organization officials and strategists recently and told them to, “make it about [Trump’s] performance as president, not his bigotry or awfulness. Prosecute the case that he is bad at his job and it is hurting people in real ways.”

Another source said the plan is to “define” Trump because there are

So many ways his actual policies have really hurt people or how he’s been ineffective in fulfilling his promises. Let’s say he goes to Youngstown, Ohio. We have everything he said, what he promised in 2016 to that community — maybe it’s ‘that bridge will be fixed’ — then we’ll show what’s actually happened since.


The DNC plan is to target the states Trump won in 2016 that they believe they have a reasonable chance to take back in 2020.

All of this seems like weak tea to me.

Trump repeatedly told supporters that Mexico would pay for the wall. My guess is that his base will forgive him for his inability to deliver on this promise because of his tireless efforts to try. Against all odds, his widely criticized threat to place tariffs on imported Mexican goods succeeded in gaining Mexico’s cooperation in reducing the number of illegals trying to enter the U.S. In the months since Mexico caved, the number of illegals apprehended at the border has declined by significant margins. And there is a direct economic benefit, in terms of money saved, to fewer migrants flowing into the country. He may point to the money U.S. taxpayers did not have to spend as a result of Mexico’s strengthened efforts as their contribution to the wall.

He has tried endlessly to construct a border wall, but has faced nearly insurmountable Democratic opposition. Recall Pelosi and Schumer’s refusal to compromise during the government shutdown in January, Trump’s invocation of a national emergency to obtain federal funding in May, the countless liberal judges who have continually ruled against his efforts and Democrats’ refusal for months to even acknowledge there was a crisis at the border. In fact, all of these tactics might very well be used against them in 2020.

The Democrats must remember that each of the nominees also have a past record which can be weaponized against them. Each time Joe Biden appears in public, his diminished mental capacity is evident to voters. Elizabeth Warren will forever be known as Pocahontas. She’ll have to explain why she claimed Native American heritage to get a jump on her competitors at Harvard and elsewhere. And Bernie Sanders is just a bridge too far to win a general election, especially after his call for U.S. taxpayers to pay for abortions in third world country to control population.


Like it or not, most voters aren’t ready for open borders, late-term abortion or a socialist America.

Also, Trump has succeeded in making the anti-Semitic, power-hungry group of four known as the Squad, the face of the Democratic Party.

And we can’t forget the power of incumbency.

But the strongest headwind of all is yet to come. It can be summed up in two words.

John Durham.


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