A Pastor Responds to Alyssa Milano’s Abortion Celebration With The #GreatJoy Movement

First puppy. #greatjoys


Last week, in an episode of her podcast, “Sorry Not Sorry,” Alyssa Milano revealed she’d had two abortions in 1993. The vacuous actress is so happy she made that decision because, if she had not, she said, “My life would be completely lacking all its great joys. I would never have been free to be myself — and that’s what this fight is all about: freedom.”


Naturally, her remarks drew a considerable amount of blowback, and rightly so. I mean, what did she expect? Admiration? I’m not condemning her, but patting herself on the back for what a great decision she made to abort two pregnancies doesn’t sit well with me.

Anyway, her inane remarks came to the attention of Jarrid Wilson, an associate pastor at the Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California. Wilson and his lovely wife are the parents of two young boys.

Wilson countered Milano’s provocation by tweeting a photograph of his family and calling for others to post pictures of their own children with the hashtag #greatjoys.

Wilson was interviewed by an online Christian publication called FaithWire. He said:

I don’t know Alyssa Milano personally, but I’m praying she really thinks about the totality of what she’s saying on public platforms, especially in regards to situations that encompass the reality of life and death … Children are our future, and a blessing from God, not a burden that so many people — specifically people who are only focused on their own achievement and goals — make them out to be … I believe our world needs to stop treating them that way. Whether she wants to admit it or not, she now has two children in heaven whom she will never experience the joy of parenting.

Is choosing abortion unforgivable? Not at all. But I believe Alyssa’s views on the subject to be both harmful and mentally disturbing.


Wilson “wondered if Milano had ever thought about the fact her own mother had not aborted her,” and added:

Because if she’s honest with herself, that’s what would have kept Alyssa from experiencing the joys and success that she’s encountered in life. That’s the story she should be advocating for, not the current one.

I don’t hate Alyssa. I want nothing but the best for her, her family, and her career. But I would encourage her, in love, to really re-think the impact her words may have on other people.

Many people responded to Wilson’s invitation and posted photos of their own. Here are a few:







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