Trump Is Not A Racist, He's a Realist; Criticism of AOC Is Warranted and Long Overdue

Donald Trump speaking at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C. by Gage Skidmore, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original


Even New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd gets it. Although she would rather stick needles in her eyes than come to President Trump’s defense, Dowd’s defense of Speaker Nancy Pelosi in her spat with AOC, would apply equally to the President in his feud with AOC.


In a weekend op-ed, Dowd wrote that AOC should consider the possibility that people who disagree with her do not disagree with her color.

Trump is disagreeing with AOC and her “Squad” because he sees the Green New Deal as a power grab, he wants to protect the U.S. from becoming a socialist state, and he knows that open borders would mean the end of America as we know it. He is also sure that American taxpayers, many of whom have difficulty paying for their own health insurance, don’t want to pay for the healthcare of illegal immigrants, nor for their food and shelter.

Additionally, he disagrees with their anti-American and anti-Semitic rhetoric. And he has a hard time understanding why none of them can quite bring themselves to denounce Antifa’s violent attacks.

And yes, Trump probably did notice the striking similarity between the words written by Antifa’s Willem van Spronsen (before he “martyred” himself last Saturday) in his final manifesto, in which he describes ICE detention centers as concentration camps, and AOC’s own rhetoric. Van Spronsen was the armed thug who was shot and killed by police on Saturday as he threw incendiary devices at an ICE Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington. He is now “resting in power.”

There are major differences between ICE detention centers and concentration camps. First, migrants are not forced to cross the border illegally. President Trump has told them not to even try. But still they come – in droves. Once they set foot on American soil, the U.S. government is forced to take care of them.


I only wish AOC had accepted Holocaust survivor Edward Mosberg’s invitation for a tour of Auschwitz-Birkenau. It is one thing to read about it in a book, but quite another to visit. Upon arrival, you immediately “feel” the evil and the suffering which took place there. It is stark. It is quiet. The grounds are nearly devoid of wildlife. As you pass through it’s buildings, you are surrounded by images of people who are literally starving to death. First you pass by the black Wall of Death, where political prisoners were shot by the Gestapo. Then to “Block 26,” where inmates’ possessions were taken upon their arrival so that any valuables could be sorted out for the Gestapo. Next are the massive gas chambers and “crematoria complete with brick ovens and metal carts used to slide the corpses into the flames. Fifteen to twenty minutes from train to chamber.”

Democrats claim that the conditions at ICE detention centers are further evidence that Trump is a racist. The laws and policies were the same under the Obama administration as they are under Trump. Nothing has changed except for the number of migrants seeking asylum. Was Obama a racist too?

Grabien editor Tom Elliott presents a video from 2014 in which Obama explains that crime and poverty do not justify an asylum claim.


The young Congresswoman knows not of what she speaks.

President Trump is not alone in his criticism of AOC and her cronies. Turns out the majority of Americans disapprove of their extreme agenda. In a recently leaked internal Democratic poll, she received a 22% favorability rating. Ilhan Omar received 9%. Does that mean the majority of Americans are racist too?

The color of the Squad’s skin is not a factor. Americans reject their actions and their agendas, not their race. And they likely know that. However, if they can make enough people believe the President is a racist, they are able to play the victim.

Trump is not a racist. He’s a patriot.

And AOC is a fool.


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