Mark Levin DESTROYS Democrats and the Media Over Reaction To Trump's Remarks

Yesterday, I posted about the hypocrisy and faux outrage from the mainstream media after Trump told George Stephanopoulos that he would listen to a foreigner who called with information about an opponent here.


Trump replied, “I think maybe you do both. I think you might want to listen. There’s nothing wrong with listening. If somebody called from a country, Norway, ‘Oh, we have information on your opponent,’ I think I’d want to hear it.”

His remarks ignited a firestorm. The media, and amazingly, even some Republicans, went after his remarks like sharks after chum while, of course, ignoring the irony of the situation.

Mark Levin joined Hannity on Thursday night to discuss the media’s hysterical, but completely predictable, response in only the way he can.

“Have you ever seen a dumber media in your life? I mean truly, a dumber media?” he began. “How would the president even know to turn something over to the FBI unless he accepted it and then read it? Accepted it and listened to it … and that is basically what he said.” He continued in his trademark fashion.

I would take a look at it. If it should go to the FBI, it should go to the FBI.

But you’ve made the point, let me underscore it. But look how upset they are. Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid for information. They paid for Russian information. It didn’t come to them. They had to manufacture it and pay for it.

And then contact the FBI? Would that be the FBI that sent spies into the Trump campaign and was leaking to the media?

You know, a little bit of history here. I seem to remember in the 1990s, the Red Chinese military poured millions into Bill Clinton’s reelection. Remember that, the Riady group and Johnny Chung and the rest? They were bringing bags of money into the DNC. Does anybody remember the media getting all worked up other than the L.A. Times? I don’t remember Nancy Pelosi getting worked up. They didn’t even appoint a special counsel to investigate.

Now that’s real interference. and we American people, we’re so stupid, we’re such plebes. We’re really supposed to believe that China wants Trump to win. So they’re going to give Trump information on Bernie Sanders. They would love Bernie Sanders to win. He’s a kindred spirit.

Or that Russia is really happy with the way Trump is treating them, so they’re going to give him information to defeat Kamala Harris or the Iranians or the North Koreans?

How stupid is that?

Or how about the Great Lion of the Senate, Ted Kennedy, who used surrogates to contact the KGB to try to defeat Ronald Reagan in his reelection in 1984.

And Nancy Pelosi. Who can forget Nancy Pelosi in 2007 undermining the Bush administration, running off to meet with the genocidal dictator, the father of the current genocidal dictator in Syria, undermining our national security? Who can remember the Democrat Speaker before that, Jim Wright, running off to Nicaragua to meet Ortega, another genocidal communist?

But for the praetorian guard media that protects the left, that protects big government, big centralized government, the American people can’t stand you and I’m going to tell you why. You are destroying freedom of the press. You make a mockery of yourselves.

Every time Donald Trump says something, you say it’s the end of the world. We’ve never seen anything like it.

You operate in a bubble in Washington, you operate in a bubble in New York. You have no comprehension of what is going on in the country.

The Iranians are taking out oil tankers. Not ours, but others. The Iranians are looking for war and what do we hear from the Code Pink left in the media?

That it’s John Bolton’s fault!

And that it’s the Secretary of State’s fault!

That it is the President of the United States’ fault! You’re pathetic, it’s a joke.


I can’t add to that, except to say I completely understand why Sean Hannity calls him “The Great One.”


(Watch the segment which begins at 32:00 in the video.)


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