Alec Baldwin Loses His Temper...Again, Then Calls Sarah Huckabee Sanders A 'Mouthpiece for Fascism'

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee responded to Alec Baldwin’s announcement that he’s “so done” with playing President Trump on “Saturday Night Live,” a show that used to be funny. Huckabee tweeted, “Good news for viewers who are “so done” with “SNL” & unfunny vicious Trump bashing instead of comedy. For refreshing variety, try my show instead tonight!”


Baldwin shot back, “Who knows what the future holds? I tell what it should hold. That you, who have sucked a govt paycheck out of the economy while you were a dreadful Lt gov and then gov and that daughter of yours, a mouthpiece for fascism, that you go away. Just…go away.”

Only a couple of months ago, Baldwin told Vanity Fair Magazine that he went to a court-mandated Anger Management class and learned that he’s “not that angry.”

He could have fooled us.

When I did a google search of “alec baldwin anger,” 8,480,000 results appeared. I think he’s angry.

The VF article says that Baldwin is known for two things, his portrayal of President Trump on SNL and “getting so angry he gets arrested.”

In early November, the angry actor got into an argument over a parking space in Greenwich Village. “Then, an alleged punch—that was maybe more of a push—ensued, as did a possible “F**k off”. Baldwin was arrested and charged with assault and harassment, and he was sent to [the above mentioned] anger management.” Afterward, he tweeted, “Normally, I would not comment on something as egregiously misstated as today’s story. However, the assertion that I punched anyone over a parking spot is false. I wanted to go on the record stating as such.”


In late January, Baldwin plead guilty to a harassment charge stemming from that incident.

In April, Baldwin spoke to Newsweek magazine and told them he “recognized the role the late-night sketch series has played in shaping American politics.” He added:

Trump is someone who you’d have to be clinically insane to think that he was a qualified leader in this country. What they do is they hate Trump’s opposition. They hate liberal Hollywood.

I’ll apply all of their labels: they hate liberal Hollywood, they hate East Coast elites, they hate the over-educated, whatever, however, you want to identify people that believe [they] are controlling the faith of the country,” continued Baldwin. “It’s more what they stand against than what they stand for. You can never change their minds and satisfy them.

Tell you what I think. Not only is Baldwin angry, but he is egotistical, condescending, narrow-minded and delusional.


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