Nadler's Wrong, The U.S. Is NOT In A Constitutional Crisis, But Democrats Are In An Existential Crisis


House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler’s press conference following the vote to hold Attorney General William Barr in Contempt of Congress was a sight to behold. The words coming out of his mouth were disingenuous and surreal and I wondered if even he believed what he was saying.


Among many other false statements, Nadler repeatedly declared that the U.S. is now in a constitutional crisis.

Four investigations have been conducted and none have found evidence that President Trump broke the law. This includes the Mueller Investigation, in which Democrats once placed great confidence until it, too, failed to deliver.

In desperation, they are trying to float the canard that Trump would not have exercised executive privilege if he had nothing to hide.

Just as the FBI’s initial counterintelligence probe was intended to distract from their mishandling of Midyear Exam, the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information, Democrats are attempting to deflect voters’ attention from the unfolding of their coup against the President.

The Attorney General’s statement that “spying did occur” sent shockwaves throughout Washington and turned William Barr into their new target. Democrats are in panic-mode. They are bracing for the hit they know is coming.

Democrats are painfully aware that Barr has knowledge of the whole story by now. He needs time to organize it, obtain the necessary evidence, and so on, but he knows what went down and who was involved.

On his radio show yesterday, Rush Limbaugh weighed in with his opinion of how far along Barr is in his own investigation of the conspiracy. He said:

We know everything. We know everything that happened here. There are just some I’s that we need to dot and some T’s we need to cross. We know where the dossier came from. We know who bought it and paid for it. We know what its purpose was. They know that the Trump campaign was spied on. All of this is known. The idea that we need an investigation for this is kind of convoluted. Yeah, you need to formalize it. You need to provide the actual evidence, get witness interviews and try to get people to flip on each other and all that. Yeah. But we know what happened. This is not an investigation to find out what happened. It’s an investigation to get to the bottom of it in a way that can be demonstrated with proof that it happened.


Once Barr begins the prosecution stage of his investigation, it will have the effect of a Cat 5 hurricane running through the Democratic Party. The party may not be gone, but it will be devastated which it so richly deserves.

Thus, like a drowning man flailing about prior to death, the Democrats are trying anything and everything to thwart what is now inevitable.

Which brings us to Nadler’s pathetic press conference…

Rush delivered a synopsis (excerpts below) which begins with Mueller’s appointment to the special counsel and takes us through Nadler’s press conference after his committee voted on Wednesday to hold Barr in contempt. I’ve condensed his original monologue for the sake of brevity. But I highly recommend taking a minute to read it.

There was no Mueller investigation. It was a coup. When Mueller showed up at his office on the first day, there was no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion. The FBI never had any.

All of that was made up by whoever in the Obama administration. We know the people that played in it. We know Comey, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe, Strzok, Christopher Steele…Glenn Simpson…Hillary Clinton.

It was a hoax! It was part of the process to get Donald Trump’s approval ratings down to the twenties and thirties so he could be impeached. It was ongoing to provide a never-ending media narrative that Trump is a skunk, that Trump is a cheat, that Trump colluded. But there was never any evidence.

You have been witness to a two-year scam! That’s why we call it a coup. These two years were an attempt to entrap people in lies and perjury. It was an attempt at the outset to put spies in the Trump campaign who would then make contact with Russians they knew, so that they could then claim the Trump campaign was colluding. They couldn’t even pull that off! You know the George Papadopoulos story where they tried to put information in his head that he would repeat — and did repeat — that the Russians had dirt on Hillary Clinton.

This thing is… It’s why this is one of the greatest injustices and outrages that has taken place from the high levels of this government against a single citizen, Donald Trump, and related persons in his campaign and his administration. There’s been nothing like this that we’ve ever known of.

People have been ruined! They have been financially wiped out — supposedly by people with impeccable honor and integrity in our government. I mean Mueller.

That’s why Barr is hell-bent to find out what happened.

That’s why everything the Democrats are doing now — demanding to see what’s redacted, demanding to see what Barr “misrepresented”?

Barr didn’t misreport anything because there wasn’t any collusion ever…They can look at it all day long. They can pretend it says things it doesn’t say all day long. They are scared to death that Barr is actually gonna follow through on this and he’s gonna find out — in provable ways, demonstrably provable ways — what happened, and that’s when the people who do deserve to have a whole lot of bad things happen to ’em are gonna have it happen to ’em.

And they’re trying to foreclose [sic, forestall] it, they’re trying to deflect it, they’re trying to make sure it doesn’t happen. And that’s what Nadler and his crew here are all about by holding Barr in contempt.

All of this is a smoke screen to cover up the fact that there never was any collusion. There only was a coup from the highest levels of the Obama administration to deny Trump the election and then after he won it, to force him out of office.




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