'Rent a Child' Programs in Central American Countries Make It Easier for Illegals To Remain in U.S.

Migrants have quickly learned that their chances of gaining entry to the United States or remaining in the country once they’ve arrived are far better if they are traveling with a child.


Under current law, “the government cannot keep migrant families in holding facilities at the border for more than 72 hours. It must either transfer them to an immigration detention facility suitable for children or release them.”

Migrants are also well aware that, if accompanied by a child, they are less likely to “remain detained and they have a better shot at fending off deportation.”

Because the US currently lacks the facilities to accommodate the unprecedented number of illegals who are entering our country, border agents are forced to allow  “thousands of detained migrants go free each week.”  

The New York Times reports that “Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s three residential family centers — two in southern Texas and one in Pennsylvania — can accommodate 3,326 parents and children.

Accordingly, those who do not have children of their own try to “find” children.

Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo traveled to the southern border to broadcast her program,” Sunday Morning Futures.” She visited the El Paso border crossing which she said is the busiest one.

She reported:

What we saw was just stunning. Children put in incredibly difficult, terrible positions.

We got confirmation that there’s a renting of children program going on in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, where people are renting their kids, giving their kids to people so that they can cross the border, then sending the kids back.

Here’s what the mayor of El Paso told me.


(Relevant segment starts at 6:53 in video below.)

Bartiromo said, “The children are being put into very dangerous situations.”

Mayor Donald Margo responded:

And in some cases, they’re informing me that we may have – rental children – so to speak. That they’re not necessarily the actual families. That they’re bringing these children in.

So, there’s human trafficking. There are some real serious situations that Congress needs to address.

She turned to her guest, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), and asked, “Is Congress going to address it?”

Jordan replied:

Unfortunately, I don’t think the Democrats are going to work with us to do what everyone in this country knows needs to be done. We need to build a border security wall and we need to change our asylum laws. We have said – and the President’s been clear on this – this is a crisis. Finally even some on the left are realizing it’s a crisis. The human trafficking problem, the gang problem, the drug problem, this is a crisis. But we have to do two fundamental things. Change the asylum law and build the border wall. Those two have to happen first and the Democrats just don’t want to go there, because, for them, it’s all about politics and it’s all about getting Trump.


“Because it’s just going to give him another victory. Unbelievable.” said Bartiromo.

Sadly, nothing will be done. The Democrats have focused solely on destroying Trump. They will have no accomplishments to show voters in 2020. Worse, by then (hopefully) every American will be aware of the Democrats’ attempted coup against the President. And they will be exposed for the hypocrites they are.




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