Barr Puts Catty Reporter In Her Place

William Barr - Caricature by DonkeyHotey, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

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During the brief Q & A following Attorney General William Barr’s press conference this morning, CBS News White House Correspondent Paula Reid first pointed out that Barr’s comments were “quite generous to the President and his feelings and emotions. It just seems like there is a lot of effort – to go out of your way to acknowledge how this was difficult for him.”


Reid definitely had a bit of an edge in her voice and Barr immediately responded in kind.

Barr replied, “I’m not sure what your basis is for saying I’m being generous to the President.”

She then questioned Barr about his use of the word “unprecedented.”

Barr asked, “Is there another precedent for it?”

She answered, “No.”

He then responded, “OK, so unprecedented is an accurate description.”


Reid then began to ask him if he was concerned that some might feel he was “trying to protect the president.”

Barr ignored her and went on to the next question.


Reid was simply the first to say what we will be hearing in a continuous loop for the next 24 hours. The Attorney General is protecting the President. Trump controls William Barr. He should recuse himself. And on and on.

Brace yourselves for this afternoon’s onslaught.


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