Tucker Carlson: CNN Is A Super PAC Running Campaign Ads 24/7, A Word From Their Leader, Nancy Pelosi, Determines Programming


News that President Trump did not collude with the Russians sent shockwaves through the liberal media on Sunday. Almost immediately, the major networks experienced stunning drops in their viewership statistics. After peddling lies for over two years, they deserved it. Panic set in. (Tucker Carlson tells this story in the first segment of the video below.)


Meanwhile, over at the Capitol Building, Democratic lawmakers were also reeling. But Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi knew just what to do. She would change the “conversation.”

Carlson explained that, “on Monday, just hours after the collusion story collapsed, Pelosi announced that the Democratic Party would be switching gears. Going forward, Democrats would focus intently on health care, just like she disingenuously claimed they always have.”

She told a reporter she “hopes the press focuses on these issues.” And it was done.

CNN, who stopped providing real news a long time ago, received the word from Nancy Pelosi and “swung into action immediately” by scrapping and rebuilding all its primetime shows, replacing the Russian collusion narrative with health care coverage.”

Carlson explained:

She didn’t have to ask twice. At CNN they were paying close attention to every word Pelosi uttered. To Jeff Zucker and the anchors who work with him, Pelosi isn’t just a politician, she is the leader of the party. Their party. The party under whose banner Zucker has said he may someday run for office. When America’s most powerful Democrat speaks, CNN listens with pen in hand. These are marching orders.

Between 7:00 p.m. and midnight last night, every show on CNN followed Nancy Pelosi’s instructions. Every single show talked about health care and every single one channeled Nancy Pelosi’s views on health care. She could have been writing the scripts. Maybe she was.

Every single show on CNN’s morning lineup all through the day regurgitated Pelosi’s talking points to the word about health care. Republicans will make you sick. Only Democrats will make you well. Every single show made that point. If you were stuck in the airport, it was like living in North Korea: a speaker bolted to the wall above your head blaring an endless loop of propaganda you can’t turn off.

What does that tell you? It tells you where your news comes from. Democratic officials pick the topic and the story line. Their servants in cable news dutifully repeat it to the word all day long. CNN is not a news outlet, it’s a super PAC. It’s running unregulated campaign ads 24 hours a day. Somebody ought to call the FEC about it.


Tucker is not exaggerating. The liberal media presents the information the Democratic party wants American voters to hear. And usually, they get away with it.

Until Sunday when it became apparent to a large segment of their viewers that they’d been deceived. Hopefully, those viewers will stay away and start looking to other sources for their news. But, somehow, I doubt that will happen.





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