Jussie Smollett's Case Is Only the Most Recent of Many in The Age Of Trump, Read the List

Though none of them received nearly the amount of attention the Jussie Smollett case has, there have been many attempts by anti-Trumpers to report fake “hate crimes.” The Daily Caller’s Peter Hasson has compiled a list of self-perpetrated crimes that have been reported since President Trump’s victory. Most of them occurred in the immediate aftermath of the election. And all of them have been debunked. Just a little more evidence of how far the left is willing to go to discredit Trump.


Here is a summary of Hasson’s list:

1.  Shortly after the election, a Muslim student at the University of Michigan reported that an intoxicated man threatened to light her on fire if she refused to remove her hijab.

2.  Openly bisexual North Park University student Taylor Volk reported that, since the election, she had been receiving hateful notes and emails. She told NBC News “I just want them to stop.”

3.  “A Philadelphia woman, Ashley Boyer, said she had been harassed at a gas station by white, Trump-supporting males, one of whom pulled a weapon on her. Boyer claimed that the men “proceeded to talk about the election and how they’re glad they won’t have to deal with n—–s much longer.”…Local police debunked her account.”

4.  An 18-year-old Louisiana woman, a Muslim, claimed two white men attacked her and stole her wallet and her hijab. One of the men, of course, had been wearing a “MAGA” hat.

5.  “A church organist was arrested in May 2017 after he was found responsible for spray-painting a swastika, an anti-gay slur and the words “Heil Trump” on his own church in November 2016.” It should surprise no one that the Washington Post reported, “The offensive graffiti at St. David’s is among numerous incidents that have occurred in the wake of Trump’s Election Day win.”


6.  Yasmin Seweid, a Muslim New Yorker, claimed she had been attacked on the subway by several Trump supporters. She also said that onlookers did not help her.

7.  A Texas man, David Williams, set his own car on fire and painted “n***** lovers” on his home’s garage. He and his wife also collected $5,000 via GoFundMe.

8.  “A prankster sent Mic.com writer Sarah Harvard a fictitious story in which a Native American claimed to have been harassed by an alleged Trump supporter who thought she was Mexican. Despite no evidence backing up the claim, Harvard spread the fake story, emails the prankster shared with The Daily Caller showed.”

9.  A Beloit College student, a Muslim, wrote anti-Muslim words on the door of his dorm room.

10. A US-Israeli man was found responsible for a string of bomb threats targeting synagogues and Jewish schools. A former reporter for The Intercept was also charged with making several copycat threats.

11. A black St. Olaf College (MN) student left a series of racist notes targeting black students around the campus.

11. In September 2017, “horrific racist notes were found at the Air Force Academy’s preparatory school. “Go home n***er,” read one of the notes. The superintendent, Lt. Gen. Jay B. Silveria, went viral with an impassioned speech addressing the racist notes…Two months later, authorities determined that one of the students targeted by the notes was also the person responsible for writing them.”


12. A black Kansas State University student claimed that racist graffiti, such as  “Go Home N***** Boy” and “Whites Only,” had been written on his car.

13. Racial slurs were written on a bathroom mirror in a Missouri high school. The perpetrator was “non-white.”

14. A Texas waiter Khalil Cavil posted a photo of a racist note on Facebook which “he claimed a customer had left on the receipt. The note described Cavil as a “terrorist.” Saltgrass Steak House, where Cavil worked, initially banned the customers for life, before their investigation revealed that the waiter had faked the racist note. “I did write it,” Cavil later admitted. “I don’t have an explanation. I made a mistake. There is no excuse for what I did.”

15. A Drake University student claimed he had received racist notes. It turned out he had written the notes himself.

Hasson cites other examples as well which can be read here.

All of these cases were covered by breathless reporters who couldn’t wait for another opportunity to bash Trump. Each report triggered new cries of outrage from the left. Once the crimes were debunked, however, there was silence.


We can only wonder how many hoax crimes have not been exposed.



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