Watch: Female Antifa Activist Spit At and Punched Man At #HimToo Rally In Portland, OR

Above: Quillette reporter Andy Ngo’s full camera footage from the event.


A group of #HimToo supporters planned to stage a peaceful rally in Portland, OR last Saturday to show support for men who are falsely accused of sexual assault.  The group applied for and were granted a permit to hold the event in a designated downtown venue.


The idea of a #HimToo rally was just too much for members of Antifa to bear. After all, every woman must be believed.

It didn’t take too long for an Antifa mob to show up.

Quillette’s Andy Ngo was covering the rally when several Antifa activists arrived. According to Ngo, “an #Antifa mob started kicking and punching people who were walking away” which can be seen in the first of the two videos in the tweet below.

The star of the show, however, was purple haired 19-year-old Hannah McClintock who was cursing wildly, throwing punches and appeared to have lost control. Ngo’s second video captures this young Antifa protestor on camera spitting at and punching a man attending the rally. Her fellow Antifa protestors can be heard chanting, “We believe survivors” in the background.

Portland police said “there were multiple assaults reported, as well as projectiles thrown at demonstrators and officers. Officers observed sticks, glass bottles, lit road flares, bottles filled with a substance believed to be urine, and gopher gas used as projectiles.” And they issued the following statement:


The Police Bureau is aware that several instances of criminal behavior were filmed and broadcast on a various media platforms. These crimes may include, but are not limited to: Disorderly Conduct, Assault, Theft, and Reckless Burning. Investigators will be conducting follow-up which may lead to arrests at a later time. If you were the victim of a crime during this protest event, you are encouraged to file a police report.

Six arrests were made on Saturday. Four were charged with interfering with a peace officer, one was charged with disorderly conduct in the second degree and interfering with a peace officer and McClintock was charged with harassment. Those arrested ranged in age from 19 to 68.

After viewing the video, those seem like rather mild charges. Ngo said that Portland Police visited him at home on Saturday evening. They told him he could not file assault charges because he had no bodily injuries. They also said he could not file a harassment report because the assailants’ identities are unknown (due to masks).

Ngo tweeted that the #HimToo rally was organized by a local conservative young woman. In the second half of the tweet, he includes the “mild” event description.


Protestors harassed Ngo as well. One female protestor said to Ngo, who is Asian:

Female Antifa Protestor (FAP): Your parents would be embarrassed by you – and your grandparents – who have been oppressed by white men throughout history. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Ngo: Why should I be ashamed of myself?

FAP: Because you’re an Asian giving in to white supremacy motherf***er. Look at your stupid reporting.


Ngo wrote that “I was assaulted by a mob of masked individuals in black. They also targeted my equipment. They called me a fascist & Islamophobe. They said my parents & grandparents would be ashamed of me. It feels surreal to be treated this way by people who don’t even know me.”



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