When House Democrats Aim Their ‘Subpoena Cannon’ At Trump, Trump Should Return Fire From An M1 Abrams Tank

House Democrats are busy preparing a ‘subpoena cannon’ to start the 116th Congress off with a bang or rather, 85 of them.

Nancy Pelosi appeared on CBS last weekend and said the investigations are not being initiated for political purposes, “but to seek the truth.” She said Democrats will be strategic, but their long list of anticipated probes indicates the opposite is true. They promise at least 85 new investigations, covering topics from Trump’s tax returns and family business to his dealings with Russia and even his payment to Stormy Daniels.


The length of their list suggests that Democrats won’t have time to accomplish much for their constituents. Why try to reach a compromise with Republicans on health care, the top concern of most Americans, when revenge will be so much fun?

Democrats are currently consumed with fear over the appointment of Matt Whitaker as Acting Attorney General. Pelosi said she believes Trump’s choice “does violence to our constitution and to the visions of our founders.” Since when has she ever worried about either one?

She and other Democrats, including Chuck Schumer, are so worried that Whitaker will interfere in Mueller’s investigation that they are “discussing whether they will urge Republicans to put a measure protecting Mueller in a December “must-pass” spending bill.”

President Trump has been under investigation by the FBI and then the Mueller Team since he became a serious presidential candidate. Mueller is reportedly in the process of preparing his final report, which could be released at any time. If his team had uncovered any evidence that Trump had colluded with the Russians to win the 2016 election, it surely would have leaked prior to the midterms. Why would Trump choose to shut down the probe now?

Okay, so we know what the Democrat’s agenda will be.

The Republicans’ response to their agenda may decide the winner of the 2020 presidential election. It goes without saying that they must try to work with Democrats on health care. It’s likely that no solutions will be found, but they must be seen as having tried.


Without question, the most urgent order of business for Republicans going forward is a major crackdown on all forms of Democratic fraud.

Where they see fraud, whether it’s election fraud or the fraud the Democratic Party collectively engaged in to prevent Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, they must expose it, they must enforce the laws and see that Democrats are brought to justice. Sen. Charles Grassley’s recent criminal referrals of Kavanaugh’s accusers was a start. But they need to take it further. Think Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Christine Blasey Ford and her friend, co-conspirator Monica McLean. It’s not hyperbole to say that the long-term survival of the Republican Party depends upon it.

Democrats have made a mockery of US laws forever, but never moreso than they have since Trump walked onto the political stage. I don’t need to recite the desperate lengths they’ve gone to in their efforts to destroy Trump.

Since the midterms, the subject of election fraud has been front and center. The Democrats have a long and proud history of stealing elections. In addition to the high profile cases that we’ve all heard about, reader comments have prompted me to look at the history of election fraud a little more deeply. Democrats have engaged in election fraud for decades and Republicans, aware of it, have chosen to look the other way. Why did Nixon refuse to put the country through the agony of a recount in 1960 when it was very clear that fraud had occurred in both Chicago and West Virginia?


Why would Republicans choose to ignore such corrupt and consequential behavior? Because it’s difficult to prove? Because they’re afraid of being called conspiracy theorists or, worse, being labeled as the party of racists? By their silence, Republicans are not only condoning fraud, but also encouraging it.

A quick google search brings up page after page of liberals declaring that voter ID laws are the equivalent of voter suppression. The articles are rife with examples of little old ladies, who have voted throughout their lives, being turned away from voting stations because they no longer have their photo ID (drivers license). But these aren’t the votes Democrats are referring to when they say every vote must be counted.

They mean that even the votes of illegal aliens must be counted. And that the ballots which come in after the stipulated close of voting ends, especially when the votes have come in from a Democratic leaning county, must be included.

Recently, a former Broward county election employee signed an affidavit stating she had witnessed election workers in her office actually filling out blank paper ballots.


News-Press reports:

Matt Caldwell has followed Gov. Rick Scott’s lead in filing a lawsuit Friday against the Broward County Supervisor of Elections in one of the state’s closest races.

The campaign of the Republican candidate for agricultural commissioner sent a news release Friday afternoon announcing that his attorneys filed a lawsuit in the 17th judicial circuit “asking the court to protect the integrity of all ballots and all public records relating to the election for Commissioner of Agriculture.”

Caldwell thought he had edged out a victory in the agricultural commissioner race Tuesday night when he had about a 40,000 vote lead over Democratic candidate Nikki Fried.

But the latest vote count shows Caldwell losing by 3,120 votes to Fried. The difference between the candidates is .04 percent, signaling an automatic recount, and a likely manual recount.

We’ve heard numerous stories of questionable behavior over the past week such as finding ballots in the trunk of a car rented by a Florida Democratic operative. Republicans can’t go back in time to prove that past elections were stolen by Democrats, but they sure as hell need to fight now. So what if they are accused of voter suppression, racism or dreaming up conspiracy theories.

Republicans must leave manners behind, jump into the ring and be unafraid to beat the Democrats who have so brazenly abused their power to a pulp. This includes possible 2020 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.


Rather than remaining on the defense, Republicans must go on the offense. The stakes are high. If House Democrats are planning to bring a cannon to the battle, Trump must arrive in an M1 Abrams tank.




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