Alan Dershowitz Has Become A Pariah Among His Former Martha’s Vineyard Friends For Defending President Trump

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Alan Dershowitz, the outspoken Harvard Law professor and Fox News contributor, has become a pariah among longtime liberal friends on Martha’s Vineyard, where he spends his summers.


Dershowitz, a frequent guest on “The Sean Hannity Show,” explains the finer points of the law to us and has been a steady defender of Trump’s constitutional rights. To those on the left, who believe Trump has no constitutional rights, he is seen as a turncoat.

He has also been highly critical of the Mueller investigation which has further alienated him from many former friends on the island. For example, as a guest on “Fox and Friends,” Dershowitz discussed the drop in the public approval rating of the investigation from 48% in March to 41% in June.

(following emphasis mine)

First, he pointed out that this poll was conducted even before the IG report was released, a point which didn’t exactly endear him to liberals. Then, he said that the appointment of a special counsel was completely unnecessary in this case. An IG or a Congressional investigation would have been preferable; there was “no need to use the criminal justice system as a weapon.” I’m sure his friends didn’t like that either.

Dershowitz then described how a typical special counsel would conduct an investigation.

They would go after the low hanging fruit first, then try to flip them, get them to cooperate, get them to sing, sometimes they not only sing, they compose. The first rule in America is if you’re going to commit a crime, do it with someone who’s more important than you are so you can turn them in and they can’t turn you in and that’s how a special counsel operates. You try to get to the very top through a domino theory…The appointment of a special counsel creates new crimes – obstruction of justice, tampering with witnesses…The FBI shouldn’t get involved with elections.


Although Dershowitz voted for Hillary Clinton and contributed “handsomely” to her campaign, he has been unafraid to call out the  deceptive remarks of those on the left. He was recently interviewed on WABC Radio’s “Curtis and Cosby” show and he said his “principled defense of civil liberties that could benefit Trump was too much to swallow for his social circle.” He added:

These are people who have asked me for help over the years, who have asked me for support when their kid gets busted on a marijuana charge, or on possession of alcohol, I’m the first one they call. But as soon as I defend the rights of Donald Trump or anybody else they disagree with, I’m a pariah.

The idea that some of these people aren’t talking to me is not a punishment, it’s a great reward. I am so pleased. It’s a red badge of courage for me that there are some people who prefer to shut down debate and not talk to me.

So they are shunning me and trying to ban me from their social life on Martha’s Vineyard.

I suppose shunning Dershowitz is better than harassing him. Nobody has listened to Maxine Waters and heckled him at a restaurant or a movie theater. I guess the folks who summer on Martha’s Vineyard are a little different than the millennial activists that inhabit Washington. Same sentiments, different tactics.

Dershowitz, a lifelong Democrat, discussed how far the party has come from “the days when it was a great centrist party, when it united people rather than divided people.”


He won’t let radicals like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders steal the spirit of the Democratic Party and doubled-down on his attack on fellow liberals who “shunned” him at Martha’s Vineyard.

“I won’t let the Democrats steal my party from me. I want to regain the center,”

He will remain a Democrat as “as long as there’s some chance the Democratic Party can return to normalcy.”

“I want to make sure that the radical left, the woman who got elected in the Bronx and Queens to Congress on the Democratic ticket, that they and Sanders and others don’t represent the Democratic Party.”




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