RedState's WaterCooler! Friday, 1/13/2017 - Open Thread - Johnny Cash Live at Folsom Prison; This and That

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This & That in the News

Harlem Girl refuses to hand over a McNugget. Apparently, McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets are harder to come by than firearms in New York City. The story is short on details, but here’s what we know. A 13-year old girl eating at a Harlem McDonald’s was approached by a 12-year old bully demanding that she divvy her McMeal. The young teen refused, which somehow prompted the boy to pursue her. Finding his presumed hoarder alone and in possession of more grizzled poultry the fool boy escalated his assault and pointed a gun at her head.


Likely moody from her interrupted meal, she pushed the gun away, told him to leave her alone and went about catching her train. The brazen young lady explained to the police the next day that the boy was a classmate and he had revealed the weapon to other classmates. No gun was found when the hoodlum was taken into custody; therefore the detectives could not determine whether the gun was real or a toy.

What ever happened to “Old Sparky”? Ohio Governor John Kasich has approved a new three-part cocktail for lethal injection in his state. A child rapist and murderer, next on their list for execution, has a slew of activists pressing to discredit the drug meant to abort the procedure if the child killer seems to be in discomfort.

It’s argued that Flumazenil has only been marginally successful at reversing the effects of the two sedatives and saving the prisoner a horrifically painful death.

Ronald Phillips was convicted of the rape and murder of his girlfriend’s 3-year-old daughter, Sheila Marie Evans, in Akron in 1993. I found no one claiming he did not commit this crime and no stay of execution to ponder over DNA or a stray fingerprint.

Kasich has been confronted with an appeal in federal court based on the effectiveness of the cocktail and where the prison officials are getting it. The execution is delayed until February 15.

I suggest a reasonable execution for this person be a wet sponge on his head, a chair, and 2,000 volts. Not enough to kill him straight away, and he will suffer greatly. Ronnie wants mercy. There you have it. Mercy.


Today in History. 13 January 1968. On this day in 1968, Johnny Cash performed at legendary Folsom State Prison. Cash wasn’t the first to walk on stage. Johnny’s openers were Carl Perkins followed by The Statler Brothers, headliners in their own right. When The Man in Black arrived, the inmates quieted waiting for his iconic opening, “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash.”

As expected Cash’s opened the concert with his tribute song, “Folsom Prison Blues.” It was originally recorded in 1955, but a live version was included on the album At Folsom Prison in 1968.

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