RedState's WaterCooler! Saturday, 1/7/2017 - A Special Open Thread: Winter Storm Helena!

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Winter is Back!

Warning: I am a snow addict. In fact, when snow is afoot for the mid-Atlantic The Weather Channel and I are one, and it is best to limit interruption to emergencies lest thy lose the meddlesome appendage.


Snow is aplenty this weekend, RedStaters! Winter Storm Helena is forecast to blitz Virginia Beach, batter North Carolina on up the Chesapeake Bay all the while merely grazing Maryland’s capital – sad news for me. Since we who hang around the ‘cooler scatter about the country, I’m positive there are a few of you reading this with maybe 2″ or perhaps even a foot of powder?

Ok, then! Please share your winter woes and wonders as a kind of report-from-your-location thread in the comments section below.

My top four weather forecast resources.

  • Foot’s Forecast is a hardcore snow lovers site. If you don’t love, love, love snow, this site is not for you.
  • Intellicast is a comprehensive weather service. Their forecast maps are second to none.
  • National Weather Service. When visiting other sites for weather information, it is more often than not NWS’s raw data interpreted for the lay person.
  • Weather Underground. No, not that weather underground. This site is seriously cool. Its primary data is derived from over 180,000 personal weather stations worldwide. Because they’re collecting data from your neighborhood – not zip or city – their forecast can be accurate to within a half mile from your doorstep. It’s true. If not for the trees, I could see Weather Underground’s weather station from my bedroom window.

Enjoy the snow and the open thread!


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