WaterCooler Tuesday, 6/28/2016 – OPEN THREAD – Boris, Water, Perceptions

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Donald Trump is Boris Johnson…Or is he?

First, this mashup of Donald Trump and Boris Johnson from a BBC Taster tweet is epic. Trump Face + Johnson Hair = Owen Wilson.


Pay close attention to the placekicker for the british Conservative Party’s exit from the EU. The former mayor of London’s personality quirks and recent path to fame may portend the future of America in a world according to Trump. The pair of New York natives may cackle the same obnoxious tune to become the two most powerful leaders in the world. In the World! Think on that for a moment.

“During the [BrExit] campaign, Boris adopted a rhetorical style already familiar to Londoners: statements full of shocking figures and grandly aspirational oratory that, on closer inspection, turned out to be full of inaccuracies and ultimately meaningless assertions. He came across a bit like Donald Trump would if he were British and could read Ovid in the original version. The British public largely loved this, and it went down well. It didn’t seem to matter that many of his claims, such as that the U.K. sends £350 million to the E.U. weekly, were actually false.”

Similar comments starring Trump, have floated around America’s watercoolers for a while now.

“One rumor, being spoken ever more loudly over the weekend, could help to explain Boris’s disquiet: He never really wanted to win. What we are now witnessing may in fact be the unexpected end of a ploy to gain the Conservative Party’s leadership, one that ended up working too well.”

David Cameron, Britain’s PM pouted when not getting his way and instead of leading his country on it’s voter chosen course, he turned tail leaving an open door for Johnson, the champion of BrExit, to lead. But Johnson is hiding under his bed while Cameron says any BrExit business needs to be handled by his successor. The EU, meanwhile, is waiting for Johnson to man-up and determine an effective exit strategy.


“It’s not a serious plan to manage Brexit, and more closely resembles a letter to Santa Claus.”

“Soon Johnson will have to come up with an actual plan, but it’s hard to see how the approach he’s signaling will satisfy either Leave voters or prevent recession and isolation for Britain.”

The Day after Inauguration 2017. Donald Trump is President. Now what?

“Meanwhile, Boris’s popularity is not holding up well. The most notable, but far from the only, sign of his fall are the baying crowds of protestors outside his house…After fighting full-on with old friend Cameron and coming to the fore, the erudite clown act appears to no longer wash…It was a pose that served him fairly well as London’s mayor, but now, as one of the last men standing in a bitterly divided country whose economy appears to be in free-fall, the joke isn’t funny anymore. Because this time, it’s on us.”

Walking on Water

The Floating Pier in Italy is an artist-created, polystyrene fabric covered walkway made to encircle two islands and bridge the distance between them and the mainland for 16 days which began June 18th.

“It’s always been Christo and his late wife’s policy to fund all their public projects themselves and take no money from grants or the state.”

“‘There are no tickets, no openings, no reservations and no owners. The Floating Piers are an extension of the street and belong to everyone,’ says Christo.”


Have vs. Are

The title of a study published yesterday by the Obesity Society struck me as odd.


“One is Five From 2001 – 2008 U.S. Military Sample Have Obesity; Veterans as likely to Have Obesity as Civilians, Study Shows.”

How does one “have” obesity? Is it like the flu where one person coughs on another person and they come down with a case of obesity? What are the symptoms of obesity?

I googled around and could not find any incidences of an obesity outbreak or an attempt by doctors to identify patient zero or how someone contracts obesity. I thought maybe the researchers found a special brand of mosquito or tick that transmits obesity.

Nothing. I couldn’t find any mention of obesity as something one has.

Then I realized that obesity or depression or diabetes, etc… doesn’t define a person. It is a personal part of a one’s daily living, but it isn’t what they live for daily.

Ahhh. Whew! New perspective. I see now what they’re doing there.

Welcome to ‘Cooler Tuesday! We ARE cooler today, now that you’re here. It’s RedStaters place to see and be seen! Open Thread Tuesday! Yay, for Tuesdays!


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