WaterCooler 5/14/2016 OPEN Thread: Trump's Brain Not Fit to be President



Trump Name-Calling Generator

 Jackson Browne’s Show Must Go On in North Carolina

“There are a lot of fine people in North Carolina, and some of them are transgender. I am coming to North Carolina to play for anyone and everyone, and the proceeds from my two concerts will be directed to groups working to advance equality under the law for transgender people.”  ~ Jackson Browne


Inevitably, an adult enters the room where the Baltimore Mayor and President Obama have lost their ever-loving mind. Civil Discourse, Mr. President. Let the people play this thing out without executive ordering everybody around.


 Why Donald Trump’s Brain is Not Fit to be President

Matthew May interviewed 100,000 professionals over 10 years.

“People may want to pause before voting a politician into office simply because they have a brain for business,”

“Business thinkers are susceptible to several fatal thinking flaws that can render more nuanced and complex political challenges nearly impossible to solve.”   ~ Matthew E. May, Winning the Brain Game: Fixing the 7 Fatal Flaws of Thinking

May determined seven perceptible patterns that prevent professionals from properly problem-solving.

  1. Leaping to solutions that simply don’t work
  2. Fixating on old ideas to the point of suffering tunnel vision
  3. Overthinking problems to make them worse
  4. Settling for obvious but inferior solutions
  5. Backing off goals just to declare victory
  6. Automatically dismissing the ideas of others
  7. Self-censoring; killing one’s own ideas before they’re born

The Republican presumptive may need to lay down his old King James and pick up a copy of “Brain Game” to get the thrilling fixes for his flaws. ‘Fraid there might not be enough hours in the campaign day for that level of reconstruct.



SC Libertarians Roll Out Trickle-up Economic Plan to end Poverty

“This kind of unity is rare in politics,” says Jack Robinson. “Anyone who has observed the Republican or Democratic Primaries can certainly understand what I mean. These Libertarian candidates, on the other hand, are taking a different path by attempting to overhaul the economic platform of the libertarian party. It’s called ‘Trickle Up’ Economics, and it will create wealth and opportunity like this nation hasn’t seen in generations.”  ~  PRNewswire Release

Well, it is a plan.

“The deployment of ‘Trickle up Economics’ marks a shift in funding the federal government from a taxation model to a system in which the federal government obtains their operating revenue through interest payments collected when banks borrow money from the federal government. Social programs will no longer be a burden on the tax payer but instead will be funded through an unnoticed, unexploited, and yet more efficient use of our current monetary system enabling revenue to be accumulated into individual social accounts in order to address a corresponding social need.”  ~ Jack B. Robinson, Jr.


Candidates Seek #NeverTrump Endorsement

#NeverTrump’s swimming with the big fish now. An official Movement. Not dead.


Since it’s inception, this year may be the closest a Libertarian candidate has ever gotten to a competitive run for president and #NeverTrump is to blame, much to the dismay of the Democrats and Republicans.

“‘Many of the leaders of #NeverTrump have already come out and endorsed us,’ said Petersen, pointing to positive mentions on RedState. ‘We also have more prominent members ready to endorse the campaign if we win. I can’t tell you who. I can tell you, it will be the sort of front-page news that is earth-shattering.’”  ~ David Weigel, Libertarian Party Faces a Nomination Fight in a #NeverTrump World, Washington Post, May 13 2016

WaPo’s phrasing implies RedState has, or at least prominent “#NeverTrump leaders” at RedState, have endorsed Petersen; however, I found two front page diaries about Austin Petersen (Libertarian Presidential candidate), Open Letter to Libertarian Delegates and A RedState Interview and neither is a direct endorsement from RedState.

Gary Johnson had some time with a not-to-be-named #NeverTrump; it didn’t end well.

“During his trip to Washington this week, Johnson had one unproductive meeting with a #NeverTrump activist, ending when there seemed to be no chance at working together.”  ~ David Weigel, Washington Post, 13 May 2016


As a personal aside, in 1996, I voted for the first time. My confidence was placed in the ideology of Libertarianism and by proxy, it’s nominee, Harry Browne. I was proud to vote based on Libertarian precepts, values, and vision while those around me voted their parent’s party.

The referenced Washington Post article caricatures the Libertarians as loopy, corrupt and high. The Libertarian official website lists 18 official Presidential candidates; a plethora to choose from. It remains to be seen whether a truly viable candidate emerges from the hodgepodge.

Whether a third party comes together from the #Nevertrump cause or not, #NeverTrump has affected normal course of action. #NeverTrump is heard.


Ta Ta for now, RedStaters. Bare your soul…it’s been quite a week!




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