Union Bosses Showing Their True Colors in Wisconsin

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As the Recall Walker effort submitted their signatures to the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board today (claiming 1 million signatures), Wisconsinites deserve a serious analysis of this Big Labor, big money game to force a recall election on the people of this state.  We will be shocked at what is yet to come.  Evidence is already mounting to suggest that Big Labor has used underhanded, fraudulent and illegal tactics to pad their petition numbers.  Major national labor organizations have dumped millions into Wisconsin to stop Governor Walker’s reforms and with the integrity of these petitions being questioned; they have shown their true colors

The Recall Walker effort must be scrutinized to maintain any shred of confidence in the electoral system. There have been numerous reports of major deficiencies with Wisconsin’s recall process and union bosses seem to have taken full advantage – and then some. Here are just a few of the many existing reports of apparent fraud in the recall effort.  As we move through the process, these will prove to be just the tip of the iceberg.

Perhaps the most egregious example was discovered when one man admitted signing a recall petition 80 times because he thought President George W. Bush cheated in the 2000 election. He seemed to have no problem rationalizing his abuse of the process and the petition carriers were happy to let him do it.  It wasn’t just one bad apple that signed multiple times.  Liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now actively encouraged people to sign recall petitions more than once.  Presumably, many other opponents of Governor Walker followed One Wisconsin Now’s advice in signing multiple times.  This tactic could affect thousands of signatures.

There have also been many reports of people signing on behalf of others.  One woman was quoted as saying “I signed for my parents” who were outside of the country.  Another person said they saw Vicki McKenna’s name on a recall petition.  Vicki McKenna is a conservative talk radio host and when contacted about this incident she, of course confirmed that she did not sign.  Additionally, conservative talk radio show host Mark Belling reported a Milwaukee Public School teacher admitted to her friend that she had signed 10-12 other people’s names.

With all this going on, one isn’t surprised that bribery has been involved as well.  Somehow bribing people to sign a recall petition is not illegal in Wisconsin.  However, the Government Accountability Board has frowned upon it and there are efforts to make it illegal. During an Occupy Milwaukee protest, video and photos have documented what looks to be the old tactic of trading cigarettes for signatures. Furthermore, a lawmaker said a constituent told his office that a friend was offered a $10 bribe to sign a recall petition.

As the process moves forward, we will see thousands more completely ineligible individuals on big labor’s petitions.  One 16 year old signed a recall petition (you have to be 18 years old to be eligible to sign a recall petition). Thankfully, her mother found out and crossed off her name from the petition.  But one good mother does not mean others are not using this tactic for additional signatures. Also, it indicates that the Recall Walker petition gatherers are not regularly asking the ages of those who sign the petitions.

Big Labor is making a Big Mistake if they think conservatives and supporters of Governor Walker are going to let Mickey Mouse dictate the future of Wisconsin.   If this much fraud is being discovered haphazardly, just imagine how much fraud will be uncovered as the signatures are scrutinized. This needs to be taken seriously by every Wisconsin voter who cares about the integrity of their government.  The Government Accountability Board has been forced by a Waukesha County judge to look for fake names, illegible signatures, and duplicate signatures.

Everyone should raise their voices and join the effort to prevent these tactics and the people who condone them from grabbing more power at the expense of the taxpayer.


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