Counter Rally In Madison, WI Tomorrow

Calling all tea party and grassroots conservatives in Wisconsin! This is your moment. Your state is ground zero in the fight against the unions. We win there, we win everywhere.


Why else do you think President Obama, Organizing for America and just about every element of the Left is focused on the fight in Wisconsin? Heck, even the godfather of the union movement, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, is flying into Madison today address the union protestors.

As the union thugs and clueless students run around the capitol shouting, “Tax the rich, fix the deficit!” and holding up signs with crosshairs on Scott Walker’s head, the taxpayers of Wisconsin have been organizing.

Tomorrow, (Saturday, February 19) from noon to 3pm, the local tea party leaders from across Wisconsin and American Majority are joining in a counter protest to the unions (I Stand with Scott Walker!) on the state capitol grounds in Madison.

Click through to see where buses will be coming from:


Wausau – Wausau Homes 10805 Bus. Hwy. 51 Schofield; Milwaukee – Bus 1: State Fair   Bus 2: Goerkes Corners; Eagle River/Rhinelander – Stop 1: Derby Track  Stop 2: Rhinelander (WalMart Parking Lot); Eau Claire – TBA; Green Bay/Appleton – Rock K Ranch – Greenleaf; Manitowoc – TBA; Racine – TBA.

For more information, check in at

Confirmed speakers are Andrew Breitbart, Herman Cain, Jim Hoff of Gateway Pundit and my brother Ned with more to come.

Fox News, CNN and ABC News will be covering the event.

Time to flex some conservative muscle.


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