Stop Joe (Straus)

From the diaries by Erick

So, let’s recap the TX House Speaker’s race up to this point. Current Speaker Joe Straus is a man whose leadership team has killed Voter ID, threatened Members with redistricting, pushed the local gas tax, killed almost 10 times as many Republican bills in the House, is a man with a 100% rating from NARAL who also happened to give 14 of the 32 committee chairmanships to Democrats this past legislative session. As Erick said a few days ago, anyone who calls Joe Straus a conservative is either a liar or a fool.


Ken Paxton is conservative, ranked in the high 90s and even 100 on almost every conservative organization’s list in Texas. He has a proven track record of conservatism. He doesn’t just vote the right way, he pushes the right kind of legislation and works for conservative issues when no one is watching.

Bottom line-Joe Straus needs to go. Conservatives won the election and conservatives need conservative leadership, not weak in the knees, glad handing across the aisle, handing committee chairmanships to Democrats leadership. I mean leadership ready to tackle the issues at hand and leadership ready to lead into a redistricting year.

Kudos to Cindy Burkett and others who have come out in support of Ken Paxton (Sid Miller, Stef Carter, Kelly Hancock, Barbara Nash and others-many are waiting for your press releases in support of Ken.)

I also want to highlight It’s a brilliant video. Go watch it. And after doing that, if you are in Texas, call your State Representative. Ask them where they stand in this leadership fight. Tell them to support Ken Paxton and if they won’t, remind them that the 2012 primary season isn’t that far away.


I have often said conservatives are great at winning elections yet awful at winning the back room brawls that are leadership elections. Let’s change that. Let’s win this one.


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