It's Time for Action

From the diaries by Erick.

Third parties in America need to die. Yes, I just said that. We are a two party political system. Oddly enough, the Progressives figured this out much faster than the Free Market movement. It started with leftist intellectual G. William Domhoff, who wrote in the 1970s:


For Democratic Party ideology is what Democrats say it is-and what they say it is is determined by the people Democrats elect to attend party conventions and nominate to stand in general elections.

It was a message to the hard left components of the American political spectrum: this is your path to power and it is a path they have taken.

As the Left has ably proven with the Democracy Alliance and Tim Gill’s outfit in Colorado, it’s not about running candidates in the party system to support the party hierarchy or the party bosses. It’s not about giving money to a party and hoping that party uses it wisely. It’s about principle and a disciplined power structure outside the party. I have to confess, what I love most about it is the entrepreneurial nature of it.

It is precisely this need for a free market power structure outside the purview of either party that was the genesis for American Majority Action. A 501c4 dedicated to free enterprise, individual liberty and reducing the size and scope of government, American Majority Action is meeting the needs of the freedom loving, authentic grassroots movement in America today. While some sit and theorize as to how to win the war and others use this moment to grow their organization’s fundraising list, American Majority Action is moving to help the grassroots movement in practical ways.


This Tuesday, September 14th, American Majority Action is launching multiple Liberty Headquarters in conjunction with local tea party groups in several states. Replete with 21st century technology, these are not your mom and dad’s local party headquarters. These are robust technology centers geared towards engaging American voters in the political arena, further enabling the tea party movement to move past protesting and into action.

We have already gotten calls from party entities, worried that we are stealing volunteers that they assumed would man their victory centers. Let me be clear on one thing: the tea party movement did not spring up to help the Republican Party. In fact, I would say one of the key reasons the tea party movement formed was because of the feckless nature of the Republican Party and its willingness to expand government spending and government intrusiveness into our lives. If you look at the tea party movement, it is a melting pot of political heritages many of whom would not describe themselves as Republicans. Best of all, according to the Sam Adams Alliance Early Adopters report, almost 40% of the tea party movement leaders are engaged in politics for the first time. All they know is that something is wrong and they are going to do what it takes to fix it.


I love this period in American history. It is a moment of renewal and a reawakening to what has made us great. We are a government of the people and for the people. Coupled with it is the dawning realization that we have a Republic to protect.

So if you’re still sitting in the bleachers wondering what to do this fall, come join us. This is a team effort.


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