Cardinal Dolan CLAPS BACK At Governor Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo is pushing the envelope to see how far he can push the Catholic Church on the issue of abortion and Cardinal Dolan has fired back at the NY Governor.


Cuomo has been celebrating his signing of a law permitting abortions up until the moment of birth. The cafeteria Catholic Governor survived calls for his excommunication over this radical embrace of abortion. Dolan took a pass on alienating Cuomo from the faith he claims to belong to but clearly doesn’t practice. Rather than thanking His Eminence, Cuomo equated the Cardinal to a right wing nut job.

In an op-ed in the New York Times, the abortion loving Governor called Dolan a part of the “religious right” and accused him and others of “spreading falsehoods about abortion laws to inflame their base.”

Rather than waiting for Cuomo to go to Confession, Dolan decided to bring some online penance to the phony Catholic politician.

This is something new from the governor.  He did not consider me part of the “religious right” when seeking my help with the minimum wage increase, prison reform, protection of migrant workers, a welcome of immigrants and refugees, and advocacy for college programs for the state’s inmate population, which we were happy to partner with him on, because they were our causes too.  I guess I was part of the “religious left” in those cases.

The civil rights of the helpless, innocent, baby in the womb, as liberal Democrat Pennsylvania Governor Robert Casey once remarked is not about “right versus left, but right versus wrong.”


Now, this might not sound like like fire and brimstones to some religions, but Dolan picks his battles cautiously. He gave Cuomo a pass recently and he possibly could be setting the stage for further action.

Dolan also told Cuomo that science drives many pro-lifers by quoting Governor Casey as saying, “I didn’t get my pro-life belief from my religion class in a Catholic school, but from my biology and U.S. Constitution classes.” It’s hard to imagine anyone looking at an ultrasound and not seeing the humanity of an unborn child.

The Catholic Church is quite clear that abortion is murder. Many Catholic politicians like Cuomo and Nancy Pelosi like to embrace the “social justice” side of Catholicism to curry votes, but they sell out their religion by sacrificing unborn children on the altar of “choice.”

It’s time for the Church to wake up and stop rolling out the red carpet to abortion supporting policy makers who happen to be Catholic. Hopefully, Dolan is heading down that path.


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