Democrats Condone Weiner Campaign Attack On Female Intern

Earlier when asked about former representative-turned-mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz excused the matter as a “personal struggle” and declined to demand that he leave office.


Relatedly, Sally Kohn has a piece suggesting that women at the top face more harassment than those on the lower rungs of the ladder and writes:

Another study found that the presence of a women in executive positions actually reduces the probability that women will occupy other top positions in the same company.

While the easy, stereotypical answer would be “because men fulfilled their woman quota, they don’t want anymore,” the actual answer may be because women are competitive and eager to bully each other in the workplace thereby cutting other women off at the pass.

Women make much nastier office bullies than men, says psychologist Dr. Gary Namie, co-founder of the Institute.

Workplace bullying is four times more common than sexual harassment and racial discrimination, found the same study. Girls are taught to be critical about each other from adolescence, and it’s particularly vicious among working women; from playing favourites to badmouthing colleagues. Common careers where women face bullying? Law, finance or any other job where “women feel the need to be hyper-aggressive to get ahead in a male-dominated environment,” says Dr. Namie.

Morgan’s subordinate scored a cover story on the very candidate Morgan’s job is to protect and direct. Morgan lashed out at Nuzzi’s sex. Kind of odd for a woman who perpetuates the “war on women” narrative, yes?


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While Morgan isn’t a prolific Tweeter, the above illustrates that she played the game in pushing the “Republicans hate women” meme. Odd again, because I’ve yet to see a Republican rage at a younger woman and specifically — and repeatedly — call her slurs for female genitalia because she is a woman.

Weiner is a liability to Democrats’s 2016 frontrunner, Hillary Clinton, now, which is why the media is no longer covering for him. Why would Democrats condemn the husband of Clinton’s longtime and closest aide for his repeated sexcapades when their obvious presidential frontrunner popularized the modern image of the long-suffering cuckquean. (I’m waiting for Democrats to deride any such mention of this as “sexism” so as to scare conservatives and thereby brand it off-limits as their patent.)

While Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock became were made the laughingstock faces of the GOP by Democrats and their propagandist counterparts in the media, Weiner, Eliot Spitzer, Bob Filner, Joe Salazar, Bob Menendez, and others have escaped such fate. There was no scientific questioning over “feel like you’re going to be raped” as there was over “shut that whole thing down.” There was no discussion about the “Filner Dance” of cornering an unwilling woman and drooling on her chin in sexual anticipation. There was no examination of whatever generation from which Bob Filner dragged his knuckles through that permitted the grabbing of women’s boobs. There was no outcry over equal pay when it came to light that Bob Menendez shortchanged his hookers. Democrats averted their gaze when it came to light that the bully of Wall Street, Eliot Spitzer, was only pretending to care about women in human trafficking, as he called prostitution, when he wasn’t exploiting them. Obama called Sandra Fluke when her behavior was characterized as being that of a “slut”; so far no similar call has been made to Olivia Nuzzi. When Akin and Mourdock spoke, they were the face of the GOP. When the above cadre of creeps sexually harassed women and drooled on them, they became a “private struggle.”


Democrats wouldn’t know about sexual inequality if it put them in a headlock.

It’s why Wasserman-Schultz hasn’t condemned the recent pervnado and why Morgan shrugged off her own #waronwomen with a photo of a swear jar. Crying wolf on sexism while hiding the party patriarchy’s sexploitations is a war on women, all right. Progressive men just have their women helping them to wage it.

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*QUICK NOTE: Some have mentioned Mark Sanford in the comments. There is no hypocrisy on my part or on the part of many, many conservatives who publicly eviscerated him for his behavior. Many of us didn’t support him. Let us be careful to not make general assumptions on that issue — which isn’t even the real issue. The issue is the repeated excusal of exploiting women while claiming a war on women. Only one side has done that, thus the piece.


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