Embattled Eric Holder Promises Gun Control

Eric Holder may be under intense scrutiny for his department’s part in wiretapping AP phones, seizing phone records, allowing IRS persecution, and gun-running, but that doesn’t mean his goal of gun control is in the backseat. During an interview with NPR, Holder reiterated his desire for gun control by focusing on impeding access and drying up supply, bold my emphasis:


Holder stated that although the White House lost the battle over expanding background checks for gun purchasers, the administration will be trying again later this year to push gun control in Congress and using their “regulatory power to make smaller changes in the meantime.”  Confirming the administration’s unrelenting commitment to what many believe is an infringement of the Second Amendment, Holder declared that the goal is, “moving the needle in the way in which the American people want, which is to make guns less accessible to people that should not have them.”

If Holder moved in a way “in which the American people want,” he’d leave well enough alone. Gun crime is down (if you don’t count the 300+ body count from Team Obama Holder’s Fast and Furious experiment) and people are more interested in jobs and energy.

Myself, I love when Democrats talk gun control. If they want to relive 1994 and the conservative revolution again with the talk of limiting civil liberties, be my guest. Why murder an opponent committing suicide, as the saying goes?


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