Is Piers Morgan For The Children Or For Ratings? *UPDATE: MORGAN INTERVIEW AUDIO


This past Good Friday Piers Morgan’s producers asked if I would appear on his program again today as Morgan evidently wants a rematch. I replied that while I enjoy our discussions, I’d prefer for him to take a turn on my program before I appear again. My program airs Monday – Friday from noon to 3pm central. It’s a favor Bill Maher returned after I appeared a couple of times on his show “Real Time.” I’m a gracious host, not looking to play gotcha or turn down his volume, but only expand our discussion to an audience that might otherwise not hear him. I like his production team and crew very much and enjoy our discussions, which is why I’d love to appear on his show again after Morgan takes a turn on my program.


Initially, Morgan’s producer told me that he said no, he will not appear on my program. After some nudging on Twitter, he said he would, but would not confirm a day or time. Today his producers reached out again, but as I have no confirmation from Morgan and he seems unwilling to take a turn on my show without me providing yet another appearance on his, it doesn’t look like his “rematch” will happen.

I’ll say this: I am a bit surprised. Those who do not know Morgan may think it par for the course. I’ve met him before and he’s a polite, aimable man who, until now,  I felt believed in his method of reducing violence. I say “until now” because I’m not quite sure why he’s uninterested in any opportunity to further showcase his stance on the Second Amendment.

RedState has graciously offered to publish an editorial from Morgan — he hasn’t taken the offer. I’ve repeatedly invited him on my program to further discuss his stance and he has alternately refused and somewhat accepted for show. All of these opportunities would only expand his reach into an audience that doesn’t not normally engage him. My thought has always been to venture beyond the choir and plant seeds, but that doesn’t seem to be Morgan’s philosophy.

Is Morgan truly an advocate for changing the “deadly” policy of the Second Amendment and protecting the lives of children or is this just about bringing guests on his program to argue for ratings?


My phone lines are open.

*UPDATE: After some back-and-forth texting with Morgan’s producers during commercial break, Morgan called into my program, which I appreciate. We had a great conversation:


The highlights: Morgan doesn’t believe statistics which show the decrease of gun violence to be an indicator of decreasing gun violence; we also discussed his logic on magazine capacity limitations. Lots here. I’ll uphold my end of the agreement and appear on his program again this evening.


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