Don't Tread On Bossy

bancrybabiesThis week, liberals and their media lap dogs have once again revealed a part of their telling agenda: They want to ban the word “bossy”. Yes. The word.


Why? Because it’s “offensive.” It holds back the young, up and coming women leaders of the new generation. They believe, and want us to believe, that we cant think for ourselves or raise strong independent young conservative women because “bossy” is bad, ugly, hurtful, and degrading. It doesn’t matter that “bossy” has and will be used by women toward their male bosses and that’s OK. Nobody objects to that. But for poor, weak little girls, having the word “bossy” used about them stunts their growth and won’t let them achieve their goals. Girls can’t take the heat, so get back IN the kitchen??

When do we start, and I hate to use the word, empowering our daughters. Tell them, yes you will hear words that you don’t like. Words that the liberals and media will call offensive or degrading, but stay strong and rise above that. Why do we need a movement or government to tell us this, that, or any word is or is not allowed?

And why bossy in particular? Am I bossy sometimes? You bet. Sometimes my husband is. Sometimes my boss is. Sometimes children are. Why should being called bossy, a mild word, stop any strong person from doing anything??


Liberals want to ban sugary drinks. They want to ban hand guns. They want to ban TV personalities because they say things they don’t like. And now they want to ban words, because they’re “hurtful” or detrimental to a girl’s self-esteem.

I was privileged to have an opportunity to see and hear a powerful speaker this past weekend. Someone who I am quite certain was called bossy more than once. She never stopped. She never even slowed down! She became a wife, a mother, a governor, and a truly amazing woman, and this is what she had to say to her “sisters” last week about what girls and women should really be focused on:

“You know, these are the same ‘fainting couch liberals,’ whining that we disrespect women. Bull. Hey, Democrats, it is your leaders who are demeaning to women. Liberals seem to think that the women of America are just cheap dates, you know, feed ‘em a few lines about that free birth control, throw in a few scary quotes on the War on Women, then they will be yours.

“Girls, we know better than to fall for that victimization-line from the president and his party. I know you know better, but if you have a friend or a sister or a roommate, falling for that hooey, you gotta set ‘em straight. Ask them, who’s really stereotyping you? Is it the people who believe you are a thinking, achieving, striving strong individual or those who put you in a box and they define you still by body parts. Enticing girls to think they need these guys to grow government to take care of them.

“Women, don’t let them use you unless you choose to be their political pawn or just their piece of accessory on their arm. Honey, that’s not liberation, that’s subjugation and this sisterhood fights against that. We fight the mastery the big government would want over us, so who are the real women liberators? Hey, you can join us, be legit, because, come on libs, can you really sing, ‘I am woman hear me….’ No, cause donkeys just bray, only Mamma Grizzlies say ‘hear me roar.’

“Let the women of America know our platform, our values, our independence, our work ethics. It’s family, faith and freedom. Be bold in making our case. We’re the heirs of Thatcher and Stanton and Anthony so stop apologizing, and start evangelizing and infiltrating, and influencing pop culture. If the boys aren’t up for the challenge, the girls are happy to lead the charge. This sisterhood so believes in respect, the powerful and purposeful potential of every woman so much so that we’re the party with the plank that protects even our littlest sisters in the womb.”

– Sarah Palin, CPAC 2014


This is what we should be teaching our girls, our up-and-coming women, our future. This should be the future we want to leave for them. We need to be the voice of our generation so the next generation can have a voice. Lead by example. Ask yourself what kind of example you want to leave. I, for one, want my girls to roar like Mamma Grizzlies into the next generation and stand against the boot-licking liberals that want to tell them what to be offended by. I’m not going to teach my girls that words should be stopped. I’m going to teach them that WORDS CAN’T STOP THEM. I’m going to teach them not to take no for answer. To follow their dreams. To be in charge. To lead.

You want to call us bossy? Feel free. Because all we’re going to say back is “you betcha!”


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