Watercooler 7/27 Open Thread: DNC Convention Chaos, Boeing Gets One Right, Weird But Heartwarming

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Is the Bolshie Bloodbath Just Beginning?

Yes, if DNC vice-chair R.T. Rybak has his way.

The Hill did add that Rybak had been critical of Schultz’s leadership for quite a bit of time prior to her resignation that is to take effect immediately after the Democratic National Convention is over. At the same time, he’s right. There needs to be some house cleaning at the DNC. And while more heads should roll, they’re probably not going to, or like Schultz—there may be a slew of resignations only to end with these ex-DNC staffers being picked up by other campaigns, possibly Clinton’s. Hey, friends who have similar email problems stick together, huh?

And he’s not alone–Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH) and several other superdelegates are joining the cannibalistic chorus, Claire McCaskill even calling for the mass dismissal of all DNC staffers.

“Yeah, and again, no one’s apologizing for that, and I hope, you know, those people, whoever participated or made those comments, are gone,” Ryan said. “They need to be cut. You need to get rid of them immediately. And it’s not making an excuse. They should leave. It’s inappropriate.”

Seriously, handed an election like this that should have been a Reagan Level Landslide and the GOP has to blow it by nominating a Cheeto-Covered Pile of Fecal Matter? YGBSM!


Healthcare Innovation from… Boeing?!

Seems that for all their faults, the douchebags in Chicago got one right, getting around ObamaCare headache by cutting out the crony insurance middlemen and negotiating directly with service providers. (Sorry, folks, I don’t like Faux News any more than you do, but they were the best source Orbusmax had.)

Enthoven says by allowing more companies to compete, competition will give birth to new initiatives aimed at improving managed care and lowering costs.  He says it is already happening. Boeing (BA), for example, is negotiating directly with some medical service providers to offer healthcare to its employees, bypassing insurance companies. In California, the aerospace giant has teamed up with MemorialCare Health Systems to provide healthcare to its 15,000 employees in the state.   If employees choose the plan, they can expect smaller paycheck deductions, full coverage for generic drug prescriptions and zero co-payments for primary care visits.  Boeing, meantime, can negotiate better pricing and bring down healthcare expenses.

Of course, with them launching this in the DemoKKKratic Fascist Thugocracy of KKKommiefornistan I don’t have high hopes of it lasting, but hopefully it’ll inspire employers in saner states…


Quick Hit of Weird But Heartwarming

Boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, feeling is mutual, story as old as time. It takes a Weird Files turn when the couple are circus acrobats… so where’s the wedding? On the High Wire. Congratulations to Ringling Bros. performers Mustafa Danguir and Anna Lebedeva. (Thought with all the bleak news, this might work to slide in a warmer-and-fuzzier note.)


This Week In History

  • Sunday, Jul 24: Jacob Brown’s invasion of Canada turned back, 1814; Young’s Mormons reach site of Salt Lake City, 1847; first launch at Cape Canaveral, 1950; SCOTUS orders Nixon to turn over tapes, 1974
  • Monday, Jul 25: Wyoming Terr. established, 1868; Martin & Lewis’s first comedy double-act, 1946; “Vietnamization” begins, 1969; Viking 1 orbiter takes “Face on Mars” photo, 1976
  • Tuesday, Jul 26: McClellan takes command of Army of the Potomac, 1861; Potsdam Declaration, 1945; Korean armistice signed, 1953
  • Wednesday, Jul 27: US Army Medical Dept. established, 1775; Bugs Bunny debuts in A Wild Hare, 1940; House votes to impeach Nixon, 1974
  • Thursday, Jul 28: Last American sail warship commissioned, 1854; B-17 Flying Fortress first flight, 1935; Kennewick Man discovered, 1996
  • Friday, Jul 29: CSA spy Belle Boyd arrested, 1864; Ike signs NASA Act, 1958; USS Forrestal fire, 1967
  • Saturday, Jul 30: Baltimore, MD, founded, 1729; Brother Jonathan and USS Indianapolis disasters, 1865 and 1945; Medicare and Medicaid established, 1965

Today’s Birthdays: D&D creator Gary Gygax, 1938; skater/sportscaster Peggy Fleming, 1948; drummer Bobby Rondinelli, 1955; actress Maria Grazia Cucinotta, 1968; golfer Jordan Spieth, 1993

This Week In History is compiled with assistance from History.com and Wikipedia. Something interesting not listed here? Please share in the Comments section–this is an Audience Participation Encouraged featurette.

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Quote of the Day

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.–George Santayana

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