Watercooler 6/1 Open Thread... French Connections and No Clever Quotes

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The French Connection: Deliverance from Drumpf or Scapegoat?

There’s been a lot of buzz about Kristol pushing David French as a third-party candidate–despite him being a complete Dark Horse, one I see little to object to, though Erick Erickson raises a good point about a French run at The Resurgent this morning: what happens if we go All In on him, try and only tip to Hillary? If French doesn’t win, we know the Branch Trumpidians will make him a scapegoat. As Erickson concludes:

“The Republican Party, with Trump, is embracing a campaign of racism, nativism, and fear mongering wrapped in a Messiah complex of a man who promises everything without limits. If it wins in November, I will gladly say I had no role to play in that victory. If it loses in November, I will gladly cheer Donald Trump’s defeat. But I am increasingly convinced an independent candidate just gives Trump one more excuse and one more target of blame for what I think is his inevitable defeat.

But more and more I wonder if, for the good of the conservative movement, we should watch Trump fall on his own instead of providing him a conservative scapegoat.”

I’m not sure what the right path is here–but I do know that if we’re gonna strike at a self-imagined King we best not miss.


This Week In History

  • Sunday, May 29: Battle of Waxhaws, 1780; RI last of original 13 colonies to ratify Constitution, 1790; Wisconsin statehood, 1848; F4U Corsair first flies, 1940
  • Monday, May 30: De Soto lands at Tampa Bay, 1539; Kansas-Nebraska Act, 1854; first Indy 500, 1911; Lincoln Memorial dedicated, 1922
  • Tuesday, May 31: Battles of Seven Pines, 1862, and Cold Harbor, 1864; Memorial Day reset to last Monday in May, 1971; Mark Felt outed as “Deep Throat”, 2005
  • Wednesday, Jun 1: Tennessee statehood, 1796;  Heimlich maneuver published, 1974; first CNN broadcast, 1980;
  • Thursday, Jun 2: Rome sacked, 455 BC; Barnum’s circus starts first tour, 1835; Indians granted citizenship, 1924; Surveyor 1 lands on Moon, 1962
  • Friday, Jun 3: First long-distance power line, 1889; Zoot Suit Riots, 1943; USS Frank E. Evans lost in collision with HMAS Melbourne, 1969
  • Saturday, Jun 4: Ford’s first auto, 1896; Battle of Midway starts, 1943; USS Guadalcanal captures submarine U-505, 1944

Today’s Birthdays: Brigham Young, 1801; jet invenotor Frank Whittle, 1907; Marilyn Monroe, 1926; actor Edward Woodward, 1930 (Happy Birthday, “Equalizer”!); journalist Tony Snow, 1955

This Week In History is compiled with assistance from History.com and Wikipedia. Something interesting not listed here? Please share in the Comments section–this is an Audience Participation Encouraged featurette.

Quote of the Day

Kind of a downer campaign season and I’m having trouble finding an appropriate QOTD… but I do have one for situations like this.

“Sometimes there are no words, no clever quotes…”–SSA Aaron Hotchner, FBI BAU (Thomas Gibson of Criminal Minds)


As always, the Watercooler is an Open Thread. Hopefully y’all have something to make up for this delayed and rather weak contribution of mine…


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