Watercooler 1/27 Open Thread - Danes Push Back, New Toys At SHOT, Trump Twitter Trolling

watercoolerWelcome back to another installment of the Watercooler, RedState’s daily Open Thread! Today, we’ve got…

Dept. of Irony, Islamist Hypocrisy Edition:

Seems that some Saudi and Iranian clerics want to ban chess, a game that was created by Persian Muslims in the 7th century and then exported to Europe in their expansions. Ironically, no objections to backgammon or card games… but they now think chess is “gambling.” Too much hashish, maybe?


Denmark Asserts Culture and Traditions, Provokes Multi-Culti Outrage

Seems the Danes love their bacon more than they love the Islamic invasion of Europe… the cuty of Randers over there has just adopted a policy mandating the presence of pork on municipal-building, school and day-care facility menus. Cultural preservation? Industry protection? Pushback against others trying to impose their own way of life? Let’s just chalk up the Hat Trick and say “Well Done, Denmark, and have some extra bacon with that!” This, considered in tandem with last week’s order that “economic migrants” surrender their valuables to fund their care, says the Danes are getting serious…


Two Barrels Not Enough For Your Shotgun? What About Three?

This one borders on “News of the Weird”: Apparently, the folks at Chiappa weren’t content with building side-by-sides, as their SHOT Show highlight was the Triple Crown, a break-open triple-barrel that could be called “The Old West Meets the Men In Black.” FN Herstal, preferred gunbuilder of the Defense Department, finally gets a clue about their collector potential and introduces a semi-only line based on the weapons our GIs carry. And for our ladies who are in the Concealed Carry game, there were some… interesting new carry options featured, some practical but others, ah… not so much. (Bra and garter holsters, SERIOUSLY? As if we shooters don’t at times seem chauvinist enough already… excuse me, need a second to roll my eyes back forward.)  Check out FOX’s highlights from the show here.


Trump Delenda Est

Gentle reader, your humble scribe must beg your indulgence on a little rant here… Seems Douchebag Donald, in his Birfertard cheapshot on Cruz, has forgotten one of the fundamental tenets of our legal system: “Innocent Until Proven Guilty.” The reverse, as he seems to prefer, was found mainly in the legal codices of Feudal Europe… then again, since he seems to have a Napoleon Complex it would fit. “Point the finger and say J’accuse = Off With His Head” went out with the Reign of Terror… didn’t work out too well for Robespierre and his buddies, as I recall most of them ended up losing their heads over it. Really sure you want to go there, #DuckingDonald?

So, Manhattan Mussolini, I’ll offer a bet right now. Lawyer Up and prove your case in a court of law that Ted Cruz doesn’t meet the 8 USC 1401(g) definition of a Natural Born Citizen–I’ll bet you can’t, and while you’re at it prove YOU and your Mob buddies haven’t violated RICO. (See what I did there?) Loser’s next paycheck goes to a charity of the winner’s choice–and the loser has to go into a supply closet, crack open a vintage fart-jar from my college days and spend ten minutes stewing in it… which is kinda serious, as just one of my little “daVincis of Disgusting” when improperly handled left the part-time faculty office portable at my alma mater unusable for a few days. (Seriously, Biohazard labels are generally not put on things just for decor…)

Thump the Chump, Down With Trump! Actually, I have a better idea, in the next section…


Fun With Twitter Trolling, Trump Edition

As part of this Open Thread, I’d like to invite everyone to submit your favorite snarky Twitter hashtags to troll Donaldus Minimus. Sorry, can’t make a contest of this so no prizes (I really wanted to, but couldn’t organize it and get Management approval in time), but know that you may inspire others’ creativity and using a few of these may even get ’em to go viral. Why should the Left have all the fun? 😀

#ThumpTheChump #TrumpDelendaEst #FifthAveFascist #ManhattanMussolini #WormInTheRottenApple #ThumpTrump #DuckingDonald #BiffTannenIsReal #SayNoToBiff #FlipFlopTrump #TrumpedByTruth #DebtDodgerDonald


Cookbook Capers

This week, I’m perusing <i>Taste of Home Light Comfort Food</i>, one of their grocery-checkout specials. Worth the pickup if you’re shopping someplace that has coupons on books/magazines like Fred Meyer here in the Northwet–as part of a family that has a broad range of allergy and obesity issues (when the “skinny” one in the house has a BMI of .35 that’s not a good sign) and ending up hoping to marry into one that adds even more of them, I’m always looking for ideas to make old favorites a little healthier without changing the flavor. Hopefully one of these days I’ll remember to contact the publisher and get permission to post sample recipes as part of these little mini-reviews…


This Week In History

  • Sunday, January 24: Roman despot Caligula assassinated, 41 AD; California Gold Rush starts, 1848; Dept. of Homeland Security begins operations, 2003.
  • Monday, January 25: Bell inaugurates transcontinental phone service, 1915; Battle of the Bulge ends, 1945; first live-TV Presidential news conference, 1961.
  • Tuesday, January 26: Tennessee passes first US alcohol prohibition, 1838; Audie Murphy’s Medal of Honor-winning action, 1945; Bill Clinton’s “I did not have…” declaration in Lewinsky scandal, 1998
  • Wednesday, January 27: University of Georgia, first American public university, founded in 1785; Auschwitz liberated, 1945; Canadian Caper smuggles six American diplomats out of Iran, 1980 (see movie <i>Argo</i>, based on book of same title by project leader Antonio Mendez)
  • Thursday, January 28: World’s largest recorded snowflakes (15″ wide, 8″ thick) fall at Ft. Keogh, MT, 1887; LEGO brick patented, 1958; <i>Challenger</i> disaster, 1986
  • Friday, January 29: Poe’s “The Raven” published, 1845; first bombing raid by German Zeppelins, 1916; Gulf War Battle of Khafji, 1991
  • Saturday, January 30: Cromwell beheads English king Charles I, 1649; Antarctica discovered, 1820; first computer virus, 1982

Today’s Birthday’s: Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 1756; USN nuclear pioneer Hyman Rickover, 1900; Chief Justice John Roberts, 1955

Quote of the Day

Today’s QOTD is in recognition of the Existential Threat the Trump campaign presents to all we hold dear.

“Carthago Delenda Est!” [trans.: “Carthage must be destroyed!”]–Cato the Elder, closing of most speeches he made in the Roman Senate, on a similar existential threat in his day

As always, the Watercooler is an Open Thread. Something on your mind? Sound Off here!

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