Et tu Columbus?

Arizona Law

First it was L.A. Next it was Seattle. Now Columbus?

From Columbus Dispatch – “Mayor Michael B. Coleman has banned city workers from traveling to Arizona…” and “He agrees with those who want to send a message to the state of Arizona that this is not the American way.” Really?


I wonder if Mayor Coleman lives in a gated community. I wonder if Mayor Coleman has a fence around his residence. I wonder if Mayor Coleman has a lock on his door. Oh the humanity. How un-American of him.

Will the mayor’s community leave the gate open and unguarded? Will he leave his fence door open and unguarded? Will he leave his house doors open and unguarded? Then, when someone illegally enters his house, will he call the police? When police get there and try to remove the intruder, will he tell them that what they are doing is “not the American way”?

I think we all know the answers to those questions. So which is it? Is the American way to support legal or illegal behavior?

Illegal behavior is still illegal if it isn’t taking place in your own back yard.


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