#InOneTweet: Why We Need to Change Leadership

At the beginning of the year, Speaker John Boehner made it clear that he wanted the Republican Party to provide an “alternative” agenda – one that would be distinct from Obama’s policies.  Sadly, as we have all witnessed over the past few months, the party leadership serves as nothing but a faint echo to Obama’s agenda, obsequious to his every whim.


Earlier today, Boehner met with Obama at the White House to discuss several policy issues.  The following tweet from ABC’s Jonathan Karl tells you everything you need to know about Boehner and the broader agenda of the GOP establishment:

karl tweet

It is quite evident that if we don’t get rid of Boehner and his bootlickers, we will face a bipartisan oligarchy pushing amnesty and a permanent Democrat majority.  And we will have nobody to blame but ourselves.

Meanwhile, this bipartisan consensus on amnesty is actually breaking our borders as we speak.  The L.A. Times reported last week that there has been a surge in border crossings of Central American youths.  Presumably, they have gotten the message on their smart phones that there is now a consensus to allow in any illegal who comes here as a youngster.  The Times also reports that 125,000 of those youths granted amnesty by Obama are now eligible for Medi-Cal.  I guess a few million more on the welfare rolls won’t make a difference.


And remember, the surge in impoverished youths will benefit our economy beyond measure.

John Boehner is wondering out loud why conservative groups are “beating up on him,” but privately he knows exactly why we are upset.  He has declared war on conservatives.  It’s time we return fire.


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