Paul Ryan’s Incoherence on Trusting Obama’s Immigration Promises

Passing amnesty with the promise of President Obama enforcing the laws is such a maniacal idea that even Paul Ryan, one of the cheerleaders of the plan, admits it’s a challenge.


According to the Daily Caller, Ryan told a group of Hispanic Chamber of Commerce members that the lack of trust in Obama is a big obstacle:

“The challenge with all of this is we have a hard time trusting this president in enforcing the laws,” he told a friendly audience of business executives gathered by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in San Antonio, Texas.

“Look what he’s doing on health care and all these extra-legal things he’s doing with executive orders and executive actions that we don’t believe he has the authority to do,” Ryan said.

Indeed.  Logically, he would follow-up by saying there is no way to pass an immigration bill with Obama as president in a way that will not repeat the mistakes of 1986.  Instead he committed to soldiering on with amnesty:

“We have to find a way to write these laws so that they are actually enforced. … I won’t get into all the details on how to do that, but we have strong opinions on how to do that,” he said.

Yes, and when you conjure up a plan to accomplish that you can call us and will nominate you for a Nobel Prize in physics.


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