ENDA, Moral Bankruptcy, and Failed Senate Leadership

Over the past few years of defacto Democrat supermajority control of the Senate, we have pointed out that legislative battles are won or lost long before the vote is cast.  When Democrats stay unified on an issue and relentlessly pick off Republican votes for radical initiatives as GOP leaders remain silent, they will win every time.  Hence, that is why we need a voice, not just a vote to represent our concerns in Washington.


The Senate just voted 61-30 to proceed with the transgendered special rights bill (ENDA), all but ensuring its final passage by the end of the week.  Seven Republicans – Susan Collins, Dean Heller, Mark Kirk, Kelly Ayotte, Rob Portman, Orrin Hatch, and Pat Toomey – voted for it.   Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn refused to speak out against this bill, even though there are so many angles from which to assail it.  They just stood back and allowed the Democrats to ravage the conference.  There is no voice; no leadership; no inspiration.

Moreover, Republicans have sent the message to Democrats loud and clear.  There is no floor to the degree of government-sponsored social engineering they may pursue.  Either way, Republicans will be too scared to even speak out against socially decedent legislation.  The transgendered agenda is in full swing.  Cross-dressers are openly being compared to African-Americans to justify this bill.   Legislating immorality is now in vogue.  Democrats will win their culture war without firing a shot.

Like I’ve said before, you will be made to care.  This has nothing to do with religion.  When you use the boot of government to literally erase any demarcation between the two genders, you will suffer under tyranny and chaos or face endless lawsuits.

So what is Mitch McConnell’s rallying cry?

After refusing to comment on the bill (at least Speaker Boehner spoke out against it) or whip up opposition to it, McConnell is parachuting in to change the subject.  His big shiny object is pushing for a vote on right-to-work legislation.  This is vintage McConnell – duck away from the consequential fight and act tough when the vote is already predetermined.  He did the same thing with the Obamacare battle, refusing to fight on the underlying issue but attempted to distract everyone with the sequester.  In this case, he knows the votes are already there to pass the underlying bill now that he refused to oppose it in any meaningful way.  But he plans to save face with a vote on right-to-work that will not pass.


Undoubtedly, it is important to throw up embarrassing amendments against bad legislation.  But if McConnell refuses to rally opposition to the underlying bill, those amendment votes are worthless.  Moreover, he has already given Harry Reid unlimited opportunity to stifle amendments after he committed to rewarding him for constantly filling the amendment tree.

Ask yourself this question: with a built-in supermajority for Democrats, and refusal of McConnell to fight, does anyone think a 51-seat majority-in-name-only with Mitch as leader will change the direction of the Senate?


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