Obamacare Horror Stories

Last week, we asked for your personal Obamacare horror stories, as more and more middle class families are forced to surrender their dignity and grovel before government for their health insurance.  Here is the latest from Patricia in North Carolina.  You can email me your story at [email protected].


I am a 62 year old woman who has an individual policy with BCBS of North Carolina.  My premiums are $249.50 per month.  I bought the policy when I retired and moved to NC to be closer to my aging parents.  The policy is a high deductible one with a $2700 deductible, $5000 out of pocket maximum.  BCBS has told me my plan is no longer offered due to Obamacare and that my new plan will cost $600.55 per month and has a required an out of pocket maximum of $6350.  I have been trying for three weeks to see what Obamacare offers without success.  I experienced the same issues most people have:

1.  I could not get on due to volume of users.

2.  I got on and ran into problems with getting a log on due to the issues with security questions. There were no security questions written but I could write an answer.  I thought that maybe it was like the show Jeopardy.  I called the Center and was told that there were systems issues and to try again – in another week or so.  I asked for a paper application and was told it would take three weeks (it did, I got it yesterday)

3.  The security questions got resolved days later – there were actual questions for which I could provide answers.  I proceeded to answer the questions page by page and was stopped due to system issues.  I called the Center and was told that due to the volume of users that I should try back again…and to keep trying.


4.  I tried again and was able to resume BUT many of the questions I previously answered were not saved so essentially I had to start all over again.  I got part way through and reached a page that would not allow me to go further.  I called the Center and was told due to high volume that the system was down.

5.  I tried again and again the data I previously provided was not retained so I started again and this resulted in finally getting an approved user name and ID.  I was instructed via e-mail to use that ID continue the process of getting a quote.

6.  I logged in using the ID and password and this took several days with numerous attempts.  I called the Center and was told keep trying.

7.  I tried again, was able to get on and was then told that I needed to authenticate my identity.  I was asked several questions such as “What town did you live in when you lived on Pinewood?”  Three of the four questions, while going back 18 years ago, were reasonable and I was able to answer.  Then we came to a fourth question – “In the past you purchased veterinary insurance for your pet…What was the name of the pet?”  I answered “none of the above” because I NEVER purchased health insurance for my pet(s).  Since I answered “none of the above” I was given another question…”What was your former telephone number?”  All the answers were for area code 803.  I never lived in area code 803 and had to look it up on the internet.  I never lived in the state.  So…I could go no further.  I called the Center and they told me that they were having systems issues and to try back.


8.  I tried back the next day and as soon as I logged on I got a page that said that the page was no longer a valid page.  I called the Center and was told that the system was down due to being HACKED and to try in another week or so.

9.  I waited about 5 days, got the same message – that the page was no longer a valid page.  I called the Center and was told to try back between midnight and 6 a.m. when traffic was lower.

10.  I logged on at midnight and was able to get on and was told that they needed me to download my ID – driver’s license, voting card, passport, etc.  I called to see how to download and was told to mail it in to London, KY, with my application ID.  I asked how long it would take to get information on a plan and was told about three weeks.

11.  I called the Center today and asked two questions…”Are the rates that I received from by BCBS carrier the same as those offered through Obamacare?”  and “If I can’t get the information in a timely manner and I am eligible for a subsidy, can I get the subsidy retroactive to January 1 if I sign up with the BCBS plan that  I have been mapped to by my insurance company or can I get a credit on my income tax for the subsidy?”  You guessed it…the system was down and I was told to call back another time.  Just keep trying!!!!



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