Milton Wolf in Kansas: Another Conservative Primary Challenger

[Update:  After foisting Kathleen Sebelius upon us in 2009, Pat Roberts just called upon her to resign.  That is the power of primaries.]

The biggest lesson to take out of this past month is that as much as we think we control the Republican Party, we represent such a small portion of its elected officials in Washington.  We might desire to fight Obamacare, but ultimately, we don’t control the ship. We don’t control the messaging either.  And the Democrats know that.  We can only go so long fighting the entire political class of both parties with just two senators and 30 representatives.  We can only go so long with almost every Republican senator echoing the talking points of the left and standing in solidarity with Harry Reid.


We need people who will give voice to our concerns on a daily basis and build the case for limited government.  What we are seeing now is a last ditch effort by a few brave patriots, following almost three years of silence.  We should have been building the case for funding the government sans Obamacare since 2011 by passing all 12 appropriations bills and by having all the Republican senators stand behind the House-passed bills.  Instead we have seen a half-baked effort on the part of the House, and an agenda of sabotage on the part of Senate Republicans led by Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn.

Hence, if we ever want to succeed at this, we need more reinforcements.

Some of you met Dr. Milton Wolf at the annual gathering in August.  He spoke about Obamacare and had some pretty sharp lines about the state of the Republican Party and his cousin, Barack Obama (second cousin through Obama’s mother).  This week he announced his candidacy for Senate and is set to challenge Pat Roberts.  Senator Roberts is an amiable guy, but does anyone believe we will win this battle with a handful of bench-warmers?  And yes, for those of you who were wondering why he appeared on the Senate floor with Ted Cruz, he has known about this challenger for a while.  We need a voice, not just an election year vote.


Let’s keep an eye on Milton Wolf in the coming weeks.  Here is his website and here is his announcement speech.

Remember, if you are in pain over the current state of the GOP, now is the time to act.  Not after the primaries are over.


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