Mitch McConnell’s Electoral Magic

At present, there are twelve incumbent Republican Senators who plan to stand for reelection in 2014.  The Cook Political Report rates all of the incumbents “Solid R,” with the exception of Susan Collins from the blue state of Maine who is rated “Likely R.”  In other words, every Republican from a Romney 2012 state is not even remotely vulnerable.  Let’s review each incumbent juxtaposed to Romney’s margin of victory last November.

Alabama – Jeff Sessions

  • Romney-60.55%, Obama-38.36%: Romney+22.2%

Idaho – Jim Risch

  • Romney-64.09%, Obama-32.40%: Romney+31.7%

Kansas – Pat Roberts

  • Romney-59.66%, Obama-38.05%: Romney+21.6%

Mississippi – Thad Cochran

  • Romney-55.29%, Obama-43.79%: Romney+11.5%

Oklahoma – Jim Inhofe

  • Romney-66.77%, Obama-33.23%: Romney+33.5%

South Carolina – Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott

  • Romney-54.56%, Obama-44.09%: Romney+10.5%

Tennessee – Lamar Alexander

  • Romney-59.42%, Obama-39.04%: Romney+20.4%

Texas – John Cornyn

  • Romney-57.15%, Obama-41.37%: Romney+15.8%

Wyoming – Mike Enzi

  • Romney-68.64%, Obama-27.82%: Romney+40.7%

Now, among the aforementioned names are a number of members who will get much-needed primary challenges next year.  But none of the incumbents can be accused of showing any vulnerability in a general election.

Woops…I forgot one incumbent up for reelection – Mitch McConnell in Kentucky.  He is not rated Safe R, Likely R, or Lean R.  He is rated a tossup!

Kentucky – Mitch McConnell

  • Romney-60.49%, Obama-37.80%: Romney+22.7%

How in the world do you turn such a state, especially amidst Obamacare and the war on coal, into a tossup?  Romney is not exactly the most exciting Republican candidate; he certainly was not a tailor-made candidate for Kentucky voters.  Yet he carried the state by 23 points.  He carried Alabama by a similar margin.  Is Jeff Sessions even remotely vulnerable to the point where Democrats felt it worthwhile to challenge him?  To put this in perspective, Barack Obama carried California by a similar 23-point margin.

Even with Obama on the ballot in 2008, McConnell almost lost the seat for us five years ago.  It is simply indefensible to waste another $30 million bailing out this finger likin’ fraud.

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