The Next in Our Dump Upton Series

“I have said at nearly every climate change hearing that for me I don’t dispute the science.  Right or wrong, the debate over the modeling and science appears to be over.”


Guess who said that?  While those comments appear similar to the sentiments expressed by the likes of Al Gore, it was actually Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton who said it during a 2009 hearing before an E&C subcommittee hearing.

Throughout the past few years, we have bemoaned the fact that so many liberals fill the ranks of the Republican Conference.  Incumbents are supposedly unpopular, and Congress as a whole has an 8% approval rating.  Yet, almost every single incumbent has breezed through the primary season thus far.  There is no better individual to start with than Fred Upton.  To that end, we will be launching a new series, “Dump Upton,” to shed light on individual votes cast by Upton throughout his 25-year liberal special interest career.

Here is our first installment.  On May 13, 2009, Upton was one of only 19 Republicans to vote with the Pelosi Democrats to create a new “green schools advisory council” within the Department of Education for the purpose of studying how to build green schools.


Fred Upton helped shut the lights off on American households; it’s time to shut the lights off on his special interest congressional career.  I’m sure he’ll find a nice job lobbying for green energy and global warming regulations. Let’s just keep him away from the committee charged with overseeing those policies.

Let’s help Jack Hoogendyk overcome the special interest money from the energy sector that is being thrown at him.


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