Ron Gould for Congress in AZ-4

Editor’s note: This is the next endorsement on behalf of The Madison Project PAC in a continuing series of conservative endorsements for the 2012 congressional elections.


Over the past year, we have learned the hard way that not all freshmen House members turned out to be the Tea Party champions that they claimed to be.  Many of them cast their lot with leadership, eschewing all of the values that buoyed them into office.  One such member is Paul Gosar in Arizona’s 4th district.

Arizona’s new 4th district, which spans from the central part of the state to the entire western portion, is now the most conservative district in the state.  Yet, Paul Gosar is, by far, the lowest performing member of the delegation.  Gosar was the only member of the Republican delegation to vote for the debt ceiling deal and all the spending bills that violated the GOP pledge.  He even refused to sign the Cut, Cap, and Balance pledge.  Based on his voting record, it’s par for the course.

If Gosar cannot stand up to leadership, even in the company of conservative colleagues in his home state, he will never improve over the years.  We must do better from this conservative district, and with state Sen. Ron Gould, we will do better – a lot better.

Gould is one of those rare candidates who is a conservative on the full spectrum of issues, is viable, and has a solid record to buttress his campaign promises.  In his 7 years in the state senate, Gould was a leader on all issues related to taxation, spending, and illegal immigration.  He was rated the most conservative member by the Goldwater Institute each year in office.


We need to reinvigorate the House Republican conference with more full-spectrum conservatives who will stand up to leadership when they forget our first principles.  Gould has already done that in Arizona.  When Governor Jan Brewer proposed an increase in the sales tax before a joint session of the legislature, Gould walked out in protest.  When asked by local Republicans to help fundraise for members that voted to raise the debt ceiling, he summarily turned them down. Gould would likely be another Jeff Flake, albeit with a fiery passion for social conservatism and the rule of law in immigration.

When endorsing candidates, there is always some lingering uncertainty as to how well that individual would perform.  With Ron Gould, there is no such uncertainty.  That’s why the Madison Project is proud to endorse Ron Gould with 100% confidence in his bright future as a conservative stalwart in the House.

There is plenty of time until the August 28 primary, but we must ensure that conservatives coalesce behind the right candidates early on in the primary.  Let’s help Ron Gould share his message with the voters of this large district.  The best way to replace a mediocre incumbent is after the first term.

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