Carl Wimmer is the Winner for UT-4

Editor’s note: In our continuing effort to spotlight conservative fighters running for Congress, I’m posting some more endorsements from The Madison Project.  Today’s candidate is Carl Wimmer in Utah’s 4th congressional district.


Almost every Republican candidate this season will pledge to repeal Obamacare, but none of them have done more to fight the healthcare behemoth than Carl Wimmer.  During his tenure in the Utah House of Representatives, Wimmer introduced H.B. 67, the bill that banned all state agencies from implementing laws promulgated by Obamacare.  H.B. 67 was the catalyst in granting the states standing in federal court to challenge Obamacare.

In his fight against an overbearing federal government, Wimmer also founded the Patrick Henry Caucus, a group of state legislators who are standing up against federal usurpation of state power and are dedicated to restoring our system of federalism.

Not only is Wimmer a great conservative candidate, he is a fighter as well.  In the state legislature, Wimmer has been a fighter and a leader for all conservative causes – fiscal and social.  He is a former SWAT commander, boxer, and weightlifter.  Nobody in the Republican leadership will be able to call him into the office and push him around. In fact, his tenure in the Utah legislature proves that. And if there is one thing we love, it’s folks who have proven themselves in local and state level offices.


Wimmer is running in the newly-created 4th district of Utah in central Utah.  Phony blue dog Democrat Jim Matheson is cutting and running from his newly-drawn 2nd district to run in the 4th district.

There are a lot of tough decisions to make when wading into electoral politics.  This is not one of them; this is a no-brainer.  The Madison Project is proud to be supporting Wimmer and contributing to his campaign.  Let’s put him over the top during the state convention on April 21, so he can bypass the primary and defeat Matheson in the general election.


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