It's Official: You Must be an Eco-Socialist to Graduate in Maryland

It’s not like Maryland Democrats haven’t worked assiduously to earn the distinction of ‘least free state in the country‘ for their beloved Free State.


Maryland high school students will now be required to pass green proficiency requirements in order to graduate.  The Maryland state board of education will  require public schools within the state to weave in eco-socialist propaganda to the general science curriculum.  Sadly, due to flaccid opposition and complacency on the part of all of us, public schools across the country have already been doing this for quite some time.  Maryland is merely the first state to consummate those requirements as part of the “official curriculum.”  The Baltimore Sun reports:

State officials and environmental activists called the vote “historic” and said Maryland has become the first state in the nation to require environmental literacy to graduate from high school. Under the rule, public schools will be required to work lessons about conservation, smart growth and the health of our natural world into their core subjects like science and social studies.

The requirement applies to students entering high school this fall.  Local school systems will be able to shape those lessons to be relevant to their communities, but all will have to meet standards set by the state. School systems will have to report to the state every five years on what they’re doing to meet the requirements.


Somehow I don’t think the ‘environmental literacy’ science courses will include the best hits from Climategate.  Will they present these impressionable minds with dissenting opinions within the meteorological field?  Does anyone think the social studies courses will teach them about the trail of green corporate cronyism between the government and the likes of Jeff Immelt or Al Gore?  Or, will they teach Al Gore’s science of population control instead?

It’s not enough that the supercilious limousine liberal greenies mandate the destruction of our economy, loss of jobs, and higher prices for consumers, as a result of their insidious green corporate cronyism.  They will now indoctrinate the next generation into living a regressive life based on fallacious and manipulative “educational” programs.  While the Chinese children are studying real science, equipping them with the requisite tools to become more industrious, our children will learn junk science, equipping them with the tools to live the life of …. a 14th century nomad!


Then again, if past experience is any indication of future success, these young skulls full of mush can expect to prosper more from ‘green entrepreneurship’ than from any other endeavor.  The only problem is that by the time these kids venture out into the real world, the government won’t have any money left to line their credulous green pockets.

Maryland happens to be one of the looniest states in the nation.  However, it should serve as a motivator for all of us to get involved in our local school boards, as so many vital decisions are made there.  In that sense, the localization of the Tea Party might be a good thing.


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