Joe Walsh's Smackdown of Obama on Immigration

Like no other president in American history, President Obama supports the domineering use of government over every facet of our lives.  Yet, when it comes to one of the few core functions of government, like border security and the regulation of immigration, he is suddenly tepid about asserting power.  Worse, he uses the power of executive agencies to disregard and subvert immigration laws that were duly passed by Congress.  Now he is denigrating those who suffer from gang violence along the border and those who seek to fulfill our core constitutional responsibilities.


Earlier this week, Obama thought that he would interject his “White House Correspondents’ Dinner level of intellect” into our national security, by accusing Republicans of desiring an alligator-filled moat along the southern border.  Today, Congressman Joe Walsh (R-IL) offered a superlative smackdown of Obama’s immigration speech in El Paso through an open letter to the President:

“When you consult with Latino Hollywood celebrities such as Eva Longoria and Rosario Dawson wanting their take on, you aren’t serious. When you sit down with the SEIU and other union leaders to get their take on immigration reform, you aren’t serious. When you threaten to sue border states that are only doing what the federal government won’t do, you aren’t being serious. And, finally, when you bring up ‘immigration reform’ for political reasons – to fire up the folks on the left as the election season nears – you aren’t serious.

When it comes to securing our borders, enforcing our immigration laws and holding businesses accountable to hiring illegal immigrants, Mr. President, I, like many of my Republican colleagues, am serious. And if it would take introducing legislation to build a moat with alligators in order to secure our borders to get you to be serious on the topic – I’m game.”


Read the entire letter here and view the video response here.

Congressman Joe Walsh is a freshman who won an upset victory in a swing district.  Despite the fact that he represents a suburban Chicago district and will be one of the most targeted freshmen, he is pulling no punches with Obama.  He also voted against the 2011 CR/budget deal and is the House sponsor of the Balanced Budget Amendment.  Now he is leading the way on immigration.   Way to go, Joe!


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