Osama is Dead; Obama's Foreign Policy is Still Dangerous and Perverse

The big news of the day is that Osama is dead as a result of the brave work of our Special Forces and intelligence teams, as well as the Bush administration policies of terrorists interrogations and targeted assassinations.  Yes, the very policies that Obama so vociferously opposed for political benefit.  President Obama is to be congratulated for disavowing his campaign pledge and continuing those George Bush policies that he had previously repudiated.


The other big news of the day is that the Palestinian terrorists were the first to condemn the assassination, even before Al-Qaeda itself.  Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh denounced the murder of the “Arab holy warrior.”

As the left goes agog with excitement over Obama’s victory in the war on terror, they might want to ponder about his broader foreign policy, which is not only insouciant to Islamic terror, but actively supportive of it.

Just last week, the Obama-backed Palestinian Authority joined a unity government with Hamas in the anticipation of the formulation of a Palestinian terror state.  Obama, along with his European counterparts, has launched an pertinacious campaign to support the Palestinians and promote statehood at all costs.  Israel has incurred the brunt of those costs, however, we have also been adversely affected from the invariable advancement of Iranian control over the Middle East.  So not only is Obama uncooperative of an Israeli strike (targeted assassination) on Hamas or Iran, he is actively enabling their consummate dream; Palestinian statehood and the destruction of Israel.

So committed is he to create an Iranian-proxy terrorist state, that according to State Department officials, he is actively opposing efforts to bring down Syrian terrorist Bashar Assad.  He views Assad as a stabilizing force and a strategic partner in the establishment of a terrorist state.

In addition to his morally reprehensible policies towards the Palestinian terrorists, Obama has initiated a feckless war in Libya in support of Al-Qaeda backed rebels.  Next door in Egypt, Obama undermined a long time ally, resulting in the impending ascension of power of the Muslim Brotherhood.


There is no doubt that the death of Bin Ladin is a momentous event for all of us and a stunning moral blow to the terrorists.  However, we must bear in mind that the killing in itself will not mitigate the capabilities of Al-Qaeda and other terrorist networks.  It is quite evident that Bin Ladin was not running the show over the past few years.  Furthermore, this victory did not result from a unique policy formulation and prosecution by Obama.  It resulted from the sedulous commitment and unwavering courage of our intelligence officers and special operators.

Contrast this to the aforementioned dyslexic foreign policy initiatives advocated and implemented by Obama.  Those policy follies are a direct result of Obama’s personal ideological commitment to moral relativism and anti-colonialism.  Additionally, they serve to augment the power of not one terrorist, but multitudes of terrorists and their supporters.  If Obama is going to own the victory of the Bin Ladin assassination, he must bear the vices that are Syria, Iran, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Al-Qaeda in Libya.

Today we celebrate the eradication of evil.  Yet, we must not let the media and Obama’s allies distract us from the more consequential issues.  I am not merely referring to Obama’s destruction of our economy; I am referring to the broader foreign policy issues and terrorist threats that are festering as a result of Obama’s morally perverse policies.

If Obama desires GWOT victories that he can take personal credit for, he would expel Palestinian diplomats, abjure his pursuit of a Palestinian state, and eliminate our $500 million in foreign aid.  He would recall his ambassador from Syria and implement full economic and military sanctions on Syria and Iran.  He would fully support the opposition movements in those countries as well.  He would reverse his policy of expending American money and might on enemy combatants in Libya.  He would even accede to the targeted killing of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah, and Hamas guru Ismail Haniyeh; offering them a proper Muslim burial to boot.


Those would be anti-terror policies that he could own and accept accolades for in good faith.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for Obama to extend his newfound neo-conservatism to those endeavors.

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