VIDEO: Meet Arizona Legislative District One Incumbent Quang Nguyen

Arizona Legislative District One Incumbent Quang Nguyen. )Photo supplied by campaign)

In 2020, the VERY red Legislative District 1 of Arizona elected first-generation Vietnamese immigrant Quang Nguyen to serve as its representative to the Arizona Legislature.  As a freshman Republican lawmaker, Quang saw six of the bills he worked on become law.


He stands on a conservative platform beginning with defending the Second Amendment; he is also the president of the Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association. He supports the Right to Life movement and balancing education in Arizona’s school system to include teaching the stories of survivors of Communism in the curriculum to promote more critical thinking skills for Arizonans, a subject Quang understands firsthand as a child survivor of the Vietnam War.

What stands out in this interview is Mr. Nguyen’s gratitude for the privilege to serve his fellow Arizonans.  He moved to the state in 2004 from California and there is a twinkle of emotion in his voice when he says, “This state adopted me.”

Quang discusses some of his legislative agenda if reelected in the video. These include working on increasing criminal penalties due to deaths caused by Fentanyl and improving state-level security of the Arizona border.

His campaign website can be found at


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