Actress Kelly Carlson Says Picking on Accents Is Rude

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First Lady Melania Trump speaks in the Rose Garden during the 2020 Republican National Convention. (Screenshot via C-SPAN)

Just say no!

Never a shy one to speak her mind, actress Kelly Carlson posted a rant on Instagram lambasting those who pick on people’s accents. Reacting to the news that celebrities took swipes at First Lady Melania Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention, Ms. Carlson exploded in a seven-minute IGTV video blog on Instagram. She called those who do so out as rude, classless, and low rent human beings.


Carlson, who played the character of Kimber Henry on the TV series “Nip Tuck”, explained that one of her deeply felt peeves is the hate embodied by any person who looks down on a person speaking English with an accent. In the video, she takes the view that foreign language speakers are the ones doing us a favor speaking in our language because we are the dumb ones who do not know how to speak multiple languages. To Kelly, the insult is not just against one person, it is against their entire culture. And it’s wrong.

Pick on a good friend in jest? Sure. Carlson says that is how close friends share the backhanded love that is part of America’s culture. Do that to a stranger with spite in your heart? That is a no-no Carlson does not abide. And she is willing to say so.

Do you agree with her opinion?

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I’m gonna rant for a sec. #bekindtomilania

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