More Questions Than Answers About That Wuhan Virus Thingy

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Protesters rally at the State Capitol in Lansing, Mich., Thursday, April 30, 2020. Hoisting American flags and handmade signs, protesters returned to the state Capitol to denounce Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s stay-home order and business restrictions due to COVID-19 while lawmakers met to consider extending her emergency declaration hours before it expires. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)


As everyone is painfully aware, we are in the midst of perhaps the worse plague to…well, plague the world since the infamous Black Death overtook Europe all those many years ago.  In fact, this may be the worse thing to strike North America since Columbus had the audacity to think he reached India… or something like that… since those nasty Europeans brought their disease-ridden bodies to the New World and wiped out the poor, innocent native populations who were happy living that Stone Age lifestyle the Left wishes to force on Western civilization.

This has created a new breed of people- the so-called experts and know-it-alls on both sides of the political divide who think they have all the answers to all the questions.  However, the only thing we are most assured of is that there are really more questions than answers.

Let’s start at the beginning where this thing came from.  We know it originated out of China (as I write this, I’m using my best Trump rendition of pronouncing the word “China”).  But how exactly did it get started over there?  For instance, did it come from some bioweapons lab in Wuhan, or from that notoriously dastardly wet market?  If it came from the lab, did some scientist inadvertently transfer it to the market on his way home from work one night in search of a nice bat stew?  Maybe it worked in reverse: the scientist stopped for and ate a bat stew, then took the leftovers into the lab to share with some co-workers.  This summons forth more questions like how many Chinese scientists working for bioweapon labs eat bat soup?  Come to think of it, how many non-scientist Chinese people like eating bats?  And how often do they eat these delicacies?  More to the point, what the hell is the matter with Chinese people eating bats in the first place?  Has anyone ever seen these wet markets?  They’re disgusting!


Come to think of it, once it broke free of Wuhan, we don’t know the true mortality rate.  Why?  Because the Chinese and the WHO (not the rock group) have not exactly been truthful when it comes to these things.  So what is the true mortality rate?  What is the rate of infection of this thing?  Are the bean counters also counting “suspected” cases?  Worldometers is pretty good here, but how many cases are really closed and what do they mean by “open” cases?  Are we counting people who died in the privacy of their home- that is, outside a hospital- and were never tested for the virus?  We know that New York City did this to the tune of about 3,000 dead souls once.  How many more times was this done elsewhere?

By the way, who are the “they” doing the counting?  More importantly, can we trust them?  After all, there’s money to be had in these here hills the longer this thing drags on.  Will we see a Phase 4, 5 and 6 of a government stimulus?  How many times must the government stimulate things?

Can we really trust people who are stilling using the abacus in s***hole countries, or tongue clicks in Africa?  How can we trust these tests?  Trump tells us the number of infections in the US is high because we have the most tests that detect the presence of the virus in the population.  OK, but who is testing the testers?  Should every American be tested?  Should we tattoo the forearms of everyone who tests positive or brand a large “+” on their foreheads?


There is also the possibility of fudging the statistics which leads one to question whether some states are over-counting or undercounting cases of the virus.  Seriously- New Jersey and New York City are going to run out of people to test positive soon at this rate.  Are we counting heart attacks or any other such malady as being “Covid-19 related?”  Did the virus cause the heart attack, or did it just eventually speed up that eventuality?

This is a really important question:  Will this virus lead to more deaths than a wrecked economy?  If so, how much should we wreck the economy to achieve an acceptable death count?  And what is an acceptable death count?  In other words, how many dead bodies does it take to save the economy?  Are businesses opening too soon to stop the spread, or did they close and stay closed too soon to wreck our economic livelihoods?  Last week, we learned that the damn thing could travel in air pollution particles.  That sucks for Northern New Jersey which might explain why the counts and deaths are so high there.  Then again, perhaps we should just avoid that cesspool known as North Jersey.  Is that a solution?

The media seems to think we should be in a perpetual state of lockdown until a vaccine is developed.  But viruses are tricky little devils because they like to mutate- and in a short time.  Do we have to wait for some universal vaccine that wipes out every conceivable mutation, or will we have to trek to the doctor’s office and get our Wuhan shot every year like we do with regular flu shots?  Will it be over in the summer just like every virus that attacks the population every year?  Will it make a reappearance come fall when, coincidentally, schools go back into session after cancelling the last half of the previous school year?


Have we flattened the curve?  Is it over?  Who determines when it’s over?  What does “over” entail?

We’ve heard that African-Americans are disproportionately affected by the virus.  Is the virus “racist,” or is there something in the African-American lifestyle that causes it to affect them?  In other words, do we treat each life equally- and this has nothing to do with race or gender- or do we deduct some points because some people like to eat potato chips for lunch and become obese?

There is some commentary on some sites about how different Governors are handling this thing.  Is there a red state versus a blue state dynamic here that has nothing to do with population density?  Governor Kemp in Georgia is a “fool” for allowing hair salons to open at one end while little Hitler with a vagina in Michigan (definitely) is a fool for not allowing the sale of vegetable seeds.  Who has the better strategy here?

Everyday, we are inundated with the latest “grim” milestone achieved in terms of deaths or cases nationally or in some state.  When do we reach that state of ultimate grimness?

This writer does not have the answer to any of these questions nor do I pretend to have them.  But never in my life have I witnessed what I have witnessed recently with this thing.  A vibrant economy has been brought to a halt, people are hoarding toilet paper, bikers and walkers nowhere near another human are donning masks.  Some wear masks while driving alone in a car.  The commercials with the somber music playing in the background telling us “we’re in this together” are wearing thin.


We have been transformed into a nation of germophobes in the name of “flattening the curve” (which appears rather statistically flattened, by the way) and avoiding that next “grim milestone.”  Life itself is a series of grim milestones, but maybe that was the goal all along- suck the life out of a Nation.



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